Going from LAN Multiplayer to a Normal Multiplayer?

Hi guys, I’m currently using the third person mobile game example and have it set up for LAN multiplayer which works a dream. However, I’m now looking for a way to do this without a LAN connection using a search option. Can anyone point me in the right direction for this or help me change my blueprint?

Thanks guys.

To be able to find other sessions of the game over internet, you have to do one of the following:

  1. Easiest option: Sign up for and use an Online Subsystem (such as Steamworks or Epic Online Services) and uncheck the Use LAN checkbox on your session nodes.
  2. Ugliest option: OR Directly open the server’s IP address to join it. This involves knowing the IP address. Online subsystems are parts of a service that helps potential players find the IP addresses of servers of the same game online, and connect to it, so you don’t have to manually ask around to find one and type it in.
  3. Hardest option: Create your own dedicated server, purchase a hosting service, configure it all to be able to find each other by registering host IPs and broadcasting them out to the internet for clients to find, etc., In short, create your own online services and a subsystem to go with it.