Going back to the non-source code use modal

Good morning devs,

Right off the bat with unreal engine 4 for me I was like source code access, very cool I gotta have that!!!111!!!1

The honeymoon is now over though and I’m finding that I constantly have huge delays in intellisense coming up on files and its making it difficult to get work done considering how much I depend on intellisense while I learn the engine. I’m also finding operations like source control and building seem to just take longer in general which I feel is due to the source of the engine.

It has me considering going back to the non source code .dll version of the engine to see if I get any benefits to speed there considering that I don’t have any plans to alter the engine anytime soon. (If ever)

Anyone else consider the same? Finally -> Anyone have any tips on how to get the visual studio files regenerated to use the .exe/.dll version of the engine vs the source code version. (Right click generate source files always generals project files referencing the source code version).

Get Visual Assist.

Thanks, looks good but Visual Assistant looks to require Visual Studio full. $100 bucks I’d be fine with -> $1,299 for full visual studio can’t really choke that down.

I kind of agree with your there. Having access to the source doesn’t mean anything if you can’t take advantage of it. But with that being said Visual Assist does make things easier, but it’s still far from an ideal option.

Maybe EPIC can make an epic deal with MS to ship special VS with their Engine like Unity with Xamarin.

You are probably better off using the binary verison, at least while learning the basics of the engine.
Leave engine customisation to later.

The other thing I can suggest is to simply stop using Visual Studio as your IDE.
You can compile using batchfiles / command line from programs like Notepad++.
Combined with the documentation, file searching and online help - i.e. forums - you can get a lot done.
And it doesn’t cost anything beyond your monthly subscription.

You can get free MSDN license through either BizSpark if you make an LLC or DreamSpark if you are a student.

I use Visual Assist.

My project was C++ before the public version, after messing with the source for the first weekend I decided to put the whole project in Blueprints only off the launcher build. For my game I don’t need any custom engine changes. At a later date I can always re-parent the Blueprints to a new C++ class if I need that functionality for something. But with a 2 person team for a game, Blueprints is better, at least for me.

Thanks!, I didn’t know about BizSpark.