God of War Axe Throwing via BluePrint UE4.18

All wrong kinds of “nice”.

are you going to put a tutorial out for this?

As for the prev videos bprints I’ve done (colossus climb, planets and water), I will not make a tutorial but include them inside the new game I’ll put on kickstarter soon so that you can help me to bring the game live and by supporting it you will get also these bprints. I think is a good compromise to support and been supported. I’m working on this axe bprint to improve the behaviour and options: make it parametric so that you can easily change the weapon mesh, change the rotation speed&velocity and enable multiple hits also on running skeletal meshes (the goal is to launch and hit a group of close soldiers army, up to 20 all in one shot). I already added teleport to perform a sort of thor hammer when you hit a ‘teleport electric’ particle.

Making a Game: a new scene were Axe blueprint can be used not only to DESTROY but also to TELEPORT the player to a new location (marked with a fire) or teleport directly up to a Colossus ‘stonearch’, then CLIMB to the head and kill the colossus while it is moving around destroying columns.

Assets & tutorial used to make the above video scene:
Colossus :
Columns come from
Player Character:
DAZ rigging to Epic mannequin Tutorial:
Characters LOD management Tutorial:
My own Blueprints: Axe Throw&Teleport, Colossus climbing and kill