God Of Boxes - A VR Action Tower Defense Game

gob presentazione.png

Hello everyone, we would like to prensent the game we are currently working on, “God Of Boxes

God Of Boxes is a VR action tower defense game.
The player impersonates Krates, known between the gods as The Mighty Overbox. He’s the god of boxes, and commands the lowest of the materials: cardboard.
Suddenly, one day the Olympus falls under a powerful curse, degrading every material to cardboard and causing the gods to fall into madness. Krates, unaffected, is the only hope to restore the Olympus in his original state.
As Krates, you will have to build your cardboard defences in every level, protecting your inhibitors while they remove the curse. After building you will descend on the battlefield in a demigod form, handling cardboard hammers, swinging and smashing every enemy that charges you in the battlefield.
Your objective is to clear all levels, beating every enemy to free and restore the Olympus.

Each level has a creation phase and a combat phase:

  • In the creation phase the player has to protect his purifier from the corrupted cardboard hordes, creating walls, towers and traps to delay the enemy forces as much as possible.
    This phase is played in “god mode” seeing the world as a small diorama, placing cardboard objects in the same way as a child would play with lego pieces or micro-machines.

  • In the combat phase the player will descend on the battlefield as a Demigod.
    Waves of enemies will rush towards your inhibitor, which needs a certain amount of time to remove the curse afflicting the Olympus.
    The player can obliterate the enemies, using his fists, his battle hammer and unleashing his divine special powers to protect the inhibitor until its job is done.





Please let us know what you think of the game, we need as much feedback as possible :).
We are a small team of four people and are currently looking for a publisher to support development. GoB currently runs on the VIVE, but we are working on making this a standing experience so that it can also be played on PSVR and Oculus Rift.

As a big fan of TD games, especially the old ones for Warcraft 3, so I’m pretty stoked on your game. I feel like maybe a cardboard bow & arrow could be a decent idea too… I have an Oculus w/touch if you’re looking for anyone to help play-test :wink: If not I’ll eagerly anticipate the release!

Wow. WOW!

The art direction is superb. The COLORS ARE SO VIVID!

Followed. This is amazing.

Thanks !!! Carboard arrows and bows are absolutely something we want to implement. I’m also planning to add carboard mines that you can place in the level to blow up enemies when they run over them and other cool stuff like that. I’ll make sure to pass you an oculus build as soon as we have one :). But it will take a while, currently we are working to fix a couple of bugs in the enemies AI and to add a simple tutorial so that we can send this version to publishers.

Thank you so much!!! W

I know how it goes! I’ll stay tuned :wink: Oh, and I didn’t even mention how cool I think the Monkey-Bars method of moving around the map is! Really cool!

Nice project!! seems so funny and the art direction is so good!!!