God-like controls: versatile camera & controls (topdown, RTS, MOBA, iso-RPG, godlike, point&click)


Versatile camera and controls system for top-down, RTS, MOBA, aRTS, isometric RPG, god-like games, point-and-click games and the like.

Useful for gamejams but also for testing quickly various camera and controls at early stages of a development.

Based on a set of Blueprints grown organically over the years by making game prototypes and ***gamejams ***and gameplay R&D, God-like Controls have been cleaned, debugged and packaged for the UE4 Marketplace.

  • 100% Blueprint made.
  • The player controls an invisible camera pawn and can control and/or interact with ANY third party actors equipped with God-like Controls actor/scene components: point and click logic, mesh outlines, cursors, RTS selection and some minor functionalities
  • A content example is provided