GOAP AI questions

Hi everyone,

I’m working on a small tilemap based game in which autonomous AI agent realize tasks (a colony manager game).

I’ve read about GOAP based AI, using world states and beliefs to manage the action. For instance, I’ve some basic action like sleep that simply require a bed and a sleepy state.

But I would like to implement more complex tasks, such as working on buildings, and i’m quite stuck. The work action for a specific building require to be next the building, but also the building to have the required resources. So I need non-boolean precondition such as (require(wood, 200) and require(water, 20)). After that, I need to check all the available storage buildings (i’m not sure here if it should be in belief or world states), and have the gather and store actions to handle that.

I’m wondering if this kind of AI should be done with GOAP system because it seems to become really complex, even for quite simple buildings tasks. Am I missing something about GOAP, should I go to another technique or is that the way to go ?

Thank for your advices !