go to exact time in Matinee or UMG animation timeline?

Hey guys, really getting into UMG and Matinee and was wondering if there was a way to jump to an exact time in a timeline? For example, if I was following your new matinee tutorial, there’s a part where it asks you to scrub the timeline to 5 seconds. But… I kind of can’t get 5 seconds exactly without a lot of effort. I’ll get 5.1, then 4.9, etc.

I was having the same problem yesterday inside a UMG animation. Is there a shortcut that I’m missing?
(working in 4.5)

Many thanks! :slight_smile:

this is only frustrating because if I make changes on a timeline at 5 seconds, and want to tweak those changes… i need to be on the right time exactly, otherwise I might be making a new keyframe or wont be overwriting the previous values.

This is not to say that i’m not completely in love with UE4. I’m just struggling with learning the ropes! :slight_smile:

would also really like to know how to do this

This is an old question but also something I found to be an issue. I have found a few solutions, none of them as clean or simple as I would like but they get the job done.

Solution 1 Jumping along the timeline using the arrow keys on your keyboard:
In the top Toolbar of the Matinee editor you can select the “Snap Setting” pulldown and change the value to 1 or 0.5 and turn on Snap. You can now Click on the timeline so you hit the 0.00 time and use the arrow keys on your keyboard to jump around the timeline by the value defined in the Snap Setting.

Solution 2 Adjusting your Existing Key Frames using the arrow keys on your keyboard:
I find this one a bit more useful. Create Keyframes that are close to the values you want in the timeline. Select a Keyframe you would like to adjust and use the arrow keys on your keyboard to move the Keyframe left or right along your timeline. The Keyframe will move by the value defined in your Snap Settings so you can use a low value to get an exact round time value.

Solution 3 Using Timeline Snap Settings:
This solution seems like the method that should be most common and useful but feels clunky to use and changes the values you are working with. In the top toolbar of the Matinee editor select the “Snap Setting” pull down and select a value that is a measure of frames per second (such as 15fps). Now in the “View” Menu near the top of the window or along the top toolbar of the Matinee Editor select “Snap” and also “Time to Frames”. You can now select a time along the timeline that snaps to frames along the timeline.

These solutions all feel like workarounds so hopefully there is a better solution out there or an option can be created to enter a time to select in the timeline as one would expect. Hopefully some of you find this helpful.

You can move your marker to the exact time like so:


Or you can type the time here (just make sure to use comma instead of dot when typing the time value):

Both of these methods will move your marker to exact desired position on the timeline.