Go Feed Your Hamster Unreal, your server is slowing down :P

title says it all:

Go Feed the poor lil’ guy, he must be starving. :cool:

A well-fed Hamster runs like this:

hehe :stuck_out_tongue:

This is a well fed hamster: Hamster Falls Out Off His Wheel - YouTube :stuck_out_tongue:

Is it slowing down when you dowload something from the launcher?

Which server do you mean? Forums, AnswerHub, Marketplace, engine download, main site, etc? I’m not seeing any slowdowns…

@fighter5347 no that hamster is on crack or something

@dotcam -> Forums, downloaded something off of launcher earlier today that slowed down for a bit but that’s normal
but the Forums are hesitating and looping for a while off & on, acts like server load is getting high

Hmm must be something with your connection -> in my case it’s as fast as it’s always.

Nah, that’s just an ordinary hamster :stuck_out_tongue:

well he sure is hyped up

it could be something between us altho i’m just a lil bit further south from NC but yeah I usually check my own end first.

it’s already getting better now tho’, I think the hamster got it’s 2nd wind.

thx guys