Gnarl the Construct.

The game started as a model really. Started doing one single golem and this idea just popped into my head. It also is a way of learning Unreal Engine 4.
Started from simple things. A character.


After this first character was done I though - **, why not to do something more. And so, the Ugly A Goblin was born.


Then I decided to try something more complex. AI.
Fortunately I’ve found some tutorials on Youtube and, well, was able to make the Goblins chase the player.


It’s been two weeks now, and the project is going. Well, I’m trying to make it the best possible but I’m still learning the basics really.
But I’ve managed to create two different player classes for online play.


And, yep, it’s more less synched. So, there you have it.
Gnarl the Construct versus bunch of Ugly *** Goblins.


Demo for download when it’s finished.

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Cool! Do you have any combat implemented at this time?

Yep, the golem has got 4 attacks so far (LMB, RMB, and combinations) and I’m planning to add 4 more.
The goblin is stuck with one attack, but they can kill each other, yep. I’m planning to make goblins do 3 attacks and dodges + repair stuff, build palisades, gates and traps. I’ve got to figure out the gameplay.

The story is simple. Goblins mine for a stone that has some unique features. The problem is this stone - if big enough - can animate rocks, mud, trees and even water or fire. Thus the construct. (hopefully I’ll manage to make different forms)

You can already see the conflict here, right?

I like the Goblin, the face looks nice, good chin, mouth and nose; ears fit pretty well also.
Maybe work on the body edge flow a bit though.

The legs and arms look like they could use more verts to give a bit more definition and improve animation.
Like the Golem, rock on! :stuck_out_tongue:

Man, type-oes everywhere.
Anyway, thanks for the feedback, the golem took me like 3 days, the goblin’s model I managed to make in one day, 9 hours straight. But, yea, you are right that some parts need a little work there. And I think the golem needs a bit more definition on the textures.

It’s amazing how UE4 makes everything look great.

If you’re going for a realistic organic look you should look at some anatomy lessons.

BTW do you have a video?

Anatomy lessons and months of practice. I know.

@Video: Not just yet, I’m still going to finish the AI there for some RTS style gameplay on the goblins side. For now the pawns don’t attack at all. Only the player mechanics are more less done.

I’ve got a quick question.
For two days now I’ve been trying to find how to run a listen server on a cooked game, and a client from the command line.

For some reason doesn’t work, I can’t figure out why and what I am doing wrong. Any leads? Please…?

A bit of an update:

First real multiplayer test - goblin is the client.

Pretty nice work from what I’ve seen.

You’re doing well, keep it up.

~ Jason

Hi Z-enzyme. I like the title. Very Nice Rock Golem, and the Goblin Command system looks great. You obviously posses excellent 3D Modelling/Animation skills. Unfortunately, I do not. The very lack of modelling skills is what inspired the golem-construction method for monsters in my Zombie Survival FPS. Instead of zombies, the game features [FONT=Book Antiqua]“flesh golems that feed off electricity and have an insatiable desire to rip the living to pieces for spare body parts.”

The Golem-Construction method is attaching random mesh parts/pieces/objects to a skeletal rig joints/sockets. Physics and Particle System Components are also attached to the rig for visual effects, force influence, and collisions. Additional Logic specifies parts for certain limbs to assemble specific other types of golems. Additional limbs and rigs can be used for other-than-humanoid monster forms.

Have you considered procedurally assembling Gnarl from actual rocks meshes?

Awesome job so far Z-enzyme! I am really enjoying how you are keeping us updated from the very beginning of your project so that we are able to see how your game is progressing. Keep up the fantastic work and i hope to see more in the near future!

I’m glad you all like that thing. For a second I thought it was a bad idea to start with :stuck_out_tongue:
Today I’ve finished (quite quickly to be hones, cause I have not much time to do it really) goblins HUD sprites.


@TechLord: Not really, no, I did not think about it. Gnarl is supposed to be quite uniqe and not changable as it is the representation of the heart stone. It’s really story realated thing. Gnarl is going to change it’s material and still stay pretty much shape. Mud, Stone, Water or Fire, still same shape more less.

@Sean Gribbin: I really am trying to learn as much as I can, and create as good content as my skills let me because I’m sick and tired of my present job. Planing to change it soon enough. Thanks a lot for your support.

Been working a little on the HUD and Menues, got some stuff working so I’m gonna show it off :stuck_out_tongue:

Goblin’s HUD:


Main Menu:


And one of the functions :stuck_out_tongue:

GvsG_Simple Create Text Button Blueprint.png

Here’s a grass shader I’m working on, still not looking the way I want, blending is broken (can’t figure out height map blending for landscapes, I don’t know if I can use bump offset with multiple lerped layers)

I’m wondering if you can (with post process, depth analysis) make this material overlapp a little the objects that are youching it. I mean TOUCHING it Probably yes, but there’s no way I can do that on myself.

And a lil HUD progress.

I’m trying to workn on this project all my free time. Still not sure bout the gameplay but will figure that out soon.


I like the grass shader. Glad to see you’re still working on it. I’m training up on UE4’s Animation System now and started designing the Golem Construction System. I will be going into R&D soon. I’m aware you’re were not going this route, but, your artistic point-of-view on the system is welcomed.

Finished the ground shader. In the game it looks better. Gotta add a second layer on the dirt for better quality but already it’s quite complicated shader.


Just showing off.

I’ve been playing around with shaders and this is what I’ve got now.





And above the clouds shot, just fo’ fun.


The clouds are performance killer. But they look cool. Gotta find a way to replace the noise texture there.


Hey Z-Enzyme, the grass and clouds are looking killer. Can you detail more about how you went about building the grass? Reminds me quite a bit of Shadow of the Colossus’s fur. Pretty rad looking!