Gltf Import Problems

Hi there,

i know there are some existing threads about that topic but how is the status here?

The GltfImporter is still in beta.

I want to create a CollabViewer with the existing Datasmith Extension to load glb or gltf files during runtime. But anyhow it doesnt matter if i want to add a glb file during runtime or in editor the result is the same.

it looks like that there are differences between GLTF Files. I bought the GLTRuntime plugin from the marketplace, and this importer works quite well and fits absolut my needs, but as far as i know some of the CollabViewer Template are written in C++ and hardcoded therefore its not so easy possible for me to change the template that all the functions work with the GLTFRuntime Plugin

Iam just looking for an easy way to press the Button Datasmith during Runtime. The Widget opens i choose the option Load Datasmith File and File will be loaded with the GLTFRuntime plugin. the rest should work like it is. Is this possible. Can someone teach me or give me some snippets?

Thanks a lot.

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Try this plugin glTFForUE4. It is free.