Glowing effect without effecting base texture?

Hi guys,

So I’m relatively new to Unreal and searching for a little help. I’ve searched high and low for an answer to this so I’m using the forum as a last resort.

All tutorials and forum threads show how to add an emissive glow effect to a material. I’m wondering if its possible to add a glowing effect (to some 3D letters) without the base texture glowing.
An example would be the ‘S-K-A-T-E’ letters in the Tony Hawks games. They have a base colour and a blue glow effect around them.

Thanks in advance,

Pibbs, best way to accomplish this is to make a mask texture. The texture should be black and the part you want to let glow should be white. Plug the mask texture into a multiply a, and a constant 3 vector into b, And plug the multiply into the emmisive channel. Play around with the colors (rgb) from the constant 3 … :slight_smile:

Sorry for the late reply, this worked an absolute treat.
Thank you pBOOST!