Glowing boundaries of internal enviroments when using a dinamic time of day

Hi, anyone know how to fix the glowing boundaries in the inside of one house built in pieces when using a dinamic sun? f56819da96c54294d656e110d5c7f7528a6de4ec.jpeg



Increase lightmap resolution, bake lighting, and make sure that you dont have any open seams. In addition to that, if you’re using BSP’s, convert it to a static mesh for performance and lighting improvements.

uhm, i have already increased the lightmap res of the entire blueprint of the house, open seams i tried to use a kind of interpiece geometry to cap possible seams, but the light still passing through, when i used static light the increase of lightmap has worked well, but with dynamic day and night this glitches occur by all the pieces internal boundaries that have contact with the external light in the other side…

Adjust the Cascaded Shadow map settings on the directional light. You can minimize/eliminate the glowing that way.

Thanks, it worked 90% of the walls!