Glow-Up the Globe w Elon Musk! Immersive VR Experience

Dear Unreal Community,

PAID GIG for immersive VR experience (or scene). Which aims to provide the experiencer with an empowered sense of stewardship and innovative spirit toward leveling-up our homeplanet Earth. Encouraging them to join the crusade in maximizing our planetary health and human prosperity. In a time where our
planet could really use our support. I’m looking to find a Developer or Dev Team able to bring this vision to life.

  • How much would it cost to develop this immersive VR experience? And how long would it take?

I come to you because I know you are the only ones who can fully pull off this vision in the necessary UNREAL-AF fashion.

From the first-person perspective, the user begins the VR experience by being picked up at their home by Elon Musk in a “Space Taxi” (a spaceship-looking taxi capable of leaving Earth’s atmosphere). I imagine the Space Taxi looks like this giant reflective orb from Burning Man designed by Bjarke Ingels Group (The Burning Man Orb - Overview on Vimeo). A stairway entrance descends to the user and Elon Musk is there to greet them & invites the user into the Space Taxi Cockpit (which is the entire interior - a domed spacecraft).

Elon: Hey! Nice to see you again. Please come aboard. Make yourself comfortable. *Gestures to the user to come aboard.
Once inside Elon sits down and initiates the Space Taxi’s countdown to blast-off.

The Space Taxi’s interior is domed with an iridescent holographic floating campfire (Translucent Iridescent [Video] | Animation design, Motion design animation, Motion design video) in the centre (similar to a Cyberpunk meets Solarpunk pub booth with an epic Bonsai tree which embraces the interior throughout [AvantForm ... Comfort Zone ... Illustration from the Space Escape Series | Retro futurism, Retro futuristic, Neon aesthetic] [#dots #red #interior #bar #pixel #board #screen #booth #seating #club #circular #grid #media | Circular, Venues, Interior]](#dots #red #interior #bar #pixel #board #screen #booth #seating #club #circular #grid #media | Circular, Venues, Interior). Shoutout to Mr. Miyagi.

Other plants include:
Dypsis lutescens [Dypsis lutescens - Wikipedia]
Dracaena trifasciata [Dracaena trifasciata - Wikipedia]
Floating Lotus Flowers throughout moving dynamically like the seeds of the Sacred Tree from Avatar [Avatar The Seeds of the Sacred Tree 2009 Full HD - YouTube]) while Elon sits adjacently to the user in a pub-like environment.

Elon: It’s been awhile, are you handling the new Covid reality, alright? You know I’m here for you if you need anything. Just ask.
Check these out… *Elon gestures to the floating iridescent holographic campire (Translucent Iridescent [Video] | Animation design, Motion design animation, Motion design video) - which metamorphoses into a Metatron’s Cube formation visual representation [Metatron's Cube | Metatrons cube, Geometry art, Galaxy background] [A Tour of Pierre Cardin’s Bubble Palace | Futuristic home, Pierre cardin, Futuristic interior design]. There is a glass floor which the user can see below their feet as the Space Taxi rapidly accelerates through time & space (…/SPACEVIEW.png).

The user then must interact with 7 architectonic concepts arranged in the Metatron’s Cube formation:

  1. Gamified blockchain-based Metaverse with its own cryptocurrency, where architects, designers, artists and innovators form the ORÍ Galactic Alliance spread throughout Earth connect in immersive VR & XR environments to #GlowUp (Level-Up like Mario [Super Mario Bros. - Mushroom Sound Effect - YouTube]](Super Mario Bros. - Mushroom Sound Effect - YouTube)) our homeplanet accelerating the convergence of exponential technologies to maximize planetary health, human development and galactic development. With special ambassadorship from architects in the 5 Regions of the Union Internationale des Architectes’ member sections. Through collaboration & competition in legendary E-Sport Battle Royale fashion à la also to a great symphony orchestra as empowered members of the Galactic League! Members add to a growing database of planetary innovations while always maintaining self-sovereignty, data privacy and security, with the self-informed option to participate or not to partake in sharing their data and identity. Their contributions are rewarded handsomely with ORÍ’s (cryptocurrency) convertible to any fiat currency.
  2. The Personal Thrive Matrix (Human-focused AI) and smart home technologies, with the goal of guiding the individual, family, community, and planetary superorganism on their optimal hypercustomized journey in personal development [Bildung - Bildung - Wikipedia]. The human-focused AI, is capable of on-demand health & wellbeing scans for the individual, understanding their flow profile, genome, and provides recommendations based on ancestral roots. The AI can communicate this information with the Robo Chef in your kitchen which can 3D-print a 5-Star meal based on your unique DNA needs. It can also produce nanomedicinal smoothies for proactive healthcare and monitorization. All meant to maximize your healthspan (period of one’s life that one is in an ideal state).
  3. Reskilling the global population during automation trends and ‘Keeping Up With The Exponentials’ with flow science-based principles for the hypercustomized immersive VR gamified learning experience guiding to a real-time optimal experience (with direct visual feedback provides in a “glass brain” on screen) on the individual’s ideal path to sustainable human development, self-actualization and self-transcendence. The individual selects their desired Sage and customizes their unique Flow Dojo where they begin the process of their personal evolution.
  4. Holoportation in the home. Friends’ holograms appear in your living room and utilizes ultra-sound technology the interact with each other via haptics (this means you can “touch” each other’s holograms forreal). This helps to connect us all IRL amidst the rapid digitalization trends brought upon by the Covid-19 pandemic and the need for excellent planetary mental health & wellbeing.
  5. Hyperconnectivity due to the Space Taxi, Hyperloop & Uber’s Flying Cars, allows people to live in the most remote geographical locations like the Wudang Mountains in China, and still be able to visit any place on Earth in 60 minutes or less. People are able to own twice-the-house for half the price and still be intimately connected with their communities.
  6. #GlowUP Smart home and smart construction & demolition: the home has now become infinitely upgradable like the iPhone or Android in your pocket (or others, I don’t discriminate). AI helps the user to customize their ideal home in immersive VR. If the users wants to alter their home, they simply need to select changes on a touch-screen interface as part of the home. This makes our places of refuge infinitely adaptive, resilient, regenerative, and Level-UP-able. Upon finalization of the user’s blueprint for the home, they are setup with a prime AirBnB while a fully-automated fleet of robots sustainably demos your old home and constructs your new home within 24-48 hours with the help of large-scale 3D printing technologies.
  7. The Galactic Peace Palace and Innovation Paradiso Network, is a network of inclusive, and empowering architecture and infrastructure to serve and liberate the collective intelligence of Earth’s people and other life forms. The Galactic Peace Palace and Innovation Paradiso Network catalyzes stewardship, innovation, and equity in the continuous voyage to attaining greater levels of planetary health, human development, and galactic development for all. The Galactic Peace Palace is found orbiting outside of Earth’s atmosphere. It can be boarded via its spaceport open to humans of all nations.
*The experience can't continue until the user has interacted with all of the concepts. Then the Space Taxi begins its decent to its final destination.

Elon: Today is of paramount importance, someone truly exceptional, excitedly awaits your at the Galactic Peace Palace Gates (where the Space Taxi is about to arrive at).
*Elon playfully pats the user on the arm. The Space Taxi is then seen docking at the Spaceport. The staircase descends onto the walkway and Elon gestures to go ahead in a friendly and excited manner.

After reaching the walkway apart of the Galactic Peace Palace the user sees Queen Elizabeth II with Pikachu on her shoulder standing before the Galactic Peace Palace gates wearing a Cosmic-Fortnite-like skin (GALAXY PACK (Bundle) Gameplay! Before You Buy (Fortnite Battle Royale) - YouTube). The user walks toward the Queen and kneels before her (…3%A9on_III.jpg) to take the oath as Sovereign of the Milky Way Galaxy surrounded by a Shinto Torii gate like: (Torii gate and samurai | Torii gate, Japanese gate, Samurai anime). Palace looks like: [Space station, Yury Solntsev on ArtStation at | Space station art, Space ship concept art, Spaceship art] but with immediate space-protected plant abundance seen visually surrounding the user.

Queen: Is your majesty willing to take the Oath?
*User has 2 options: I am willing. OR. I respectfully decline. If the user selects, “I respectfully decline”. The Queen then says: I wish you safe travels and prosperity in alignment with true sustainability. With a nod and a smile. The user then reboards the Space Taxi with Elon and the VR experience ends.

Queen: Will you vitally maintain, protect and regenerate our homeplanet, Earth, Humanity, and the Universe as our true Home of abundance?
*User has 1 option: Invariantly. I will.

Queen: So be thou, anointed, #blessed (does funny emote), and consecrated Sovereign of the Milky Way Galaxy to collaboratively engage with all other sovereigns. Whom the Cosmic Project’s Initiator hath given thee to steward and innovate to infinity and beyond (shoutout to Buzz Lightyear). L’amor che move il sole e l’altre stelle (The love that moves the sun and the other stars.)

*The user is coronated by Pikachu as the Queen hands Pikachu the Galactic Crown placing it gently upon the users head. Pikachu then says his classic phrase, “PIKA!”

An Alien choir appears and harmonizes as the user is coronated by Pikachu with the Galactic Crown being placed gently upon the users head *Cueing the Beatles: (The Beatles - Come Together - YouTube) Come Together, right now, over me!.

As the Queen, Pikachu, Elon and the Aliens all begin to emote with Drake’s as Drake appears in the most Drake-like fashion.


I am a student of the Architectural Association School of Architecture in London, UK ( I’m unfortunately lacking in Unreal ability and time to do this myself at time of writing you this message. I have a student budget, but naturally I am committed to making sure the developer/developing team is more than handsomely rewarded with whatever amount we decide in USD. Let’s plan the optimal deadline together. [FONT=Segoe UI Emoji][COLOR=#676767]