Glow - Our first UE4 game needs your help on Greenlight

Hey guys,

during the last few weeks we have been working on our first game, Glow.
It is a fast-paced action game in the spirit of the good old 80’s & 90’s 2D Arcade games,
presented in modern 3D graphics. You control a lone but brave firefly, to help her fight
evil spiders and critters that try to kill you.

 **[Please vote for us on Greenlight!](**

Here is the basic gameplay:

  • Control your Firefly in a fast-paced action game
  • Use either your Mouse and Keyboard or a Gamepad
  • 3rd person view with a camera that can zoom in and out
  • Various types of Spiders and other enemies try to shoot you down
  • Your Firefly can shoot back with different weapons
  • Increase your score by killing your enemies
  • Get even more points by killing multiple enemies in a row
  • Gain new weapons / perks by better high scores
  • Equip your Firefly with light/heavy weapons and passive abilities (100+ combinations)
  • Collect power-ups to heal, gain more points, or even fellow Minions that fight with you
  • No worries if you die: Choose your favorite combination of perks and try again
  • And most important: Enjoy and have fun!

You would help us a lot by voting for us on Steam Greenlight, as well as spreading the word :slight_smile:
Thanks a lot in adavnce for sharing and your feedback here on the trailer and the game in general!

very cute!

Hehe thanks :slight_smile:

Really cool! How long did it take you exactly?

That’s a bit hard to say. All in all it took us around 6 months, but that is because we had so many distractions (other projects, UE4 Marketpace, etc.). Just the work on Glow itself, without counting those disctractions, took about 3 months I’d say.