Glow/enhance a object pickable.

Don’t known if ‘glow’ its correct word in english for refer that. I want the typical glow when the crossair point a pickable object.

any example for check how do that? or some words point me what its the best way for do that?


You can set the emissive value of a material to make it glow. Set it to something much higher than 1, like 50 or 100.

Also, watch the Materials tutorial video series on Epic’s youtube channel. They create a glowing material in one of them.

Finally, you could check out the Content Example maps, that you can download from the Marketplace. A few levels in that project (Blueprint Communication maybe?) contain switches that glow when you get close to them.

For glowing effect make master material for all pickable objects. Add vector parameter there, connect it to emmisive in material. And you have glowing material.

Then make blueprint for pickable objects, make trace from camera and check if it hit pickable class object.

Hourences (As usual) talks briefly about such system in his new making of game videos. (first i think)

yep i already see that examples, and thinking in do something like this, but i forget mention i want glow better only the countour, not the object. sry.

about trace/check and that i already done.

something like this

materials too?

Ahh , then play with FRESNEL node in materials. However I am uncertain if it works same way now, did not try it yet in ue4.

Example for UDK (older engine), scroll down to RIM light:

uhmm that seems what i want. will try play with that. thx for point me the way.

ok fresnel work ok

just if anyone interesting.

like the example (UDK) post for the other user.

you must connect 0,0,1 to “BaseReflectionFractionIn” in the Fresnel

Reading and looking some video found in youtube there are another way, used in “Blueprint_communication” 3.3
The objects glowing and have a white countour

for that countour you must check “Render Custom Depth” in the mesh and have “GlobalProccess” like in the example.
The countour trick are in the “M_Highlight” material added to GobalProcess under Misc->Blendables"

Here my test without glowing only the countour.

quality of the screenshots its bad countour are better.