Glow effect over mesh

It’s possible to make something like this:

I really don’t care about the color, only the effect.

If it’s possible, how could I make it ?

For that effect, there’s two possibilities judging from that video.

First and less likely possibility, they had some special kind of engine/material/rendering trickery to duplicate the character mesh and push its faces/vertices out using some kind of offset, with the masked out “glow” texture applied.

Or the second and more likely possibility, is they created a second version of the character mesh in their 3D software that was modeled to rest about an inch or so (scale wise) over the character’s main mesh and rigged to the same bones, and apply the same above mentioned masked out animated glow texture. I think most games use this method, since it’s cheaper than processing anything in real time, and the “glow mesh” doesn’t need to be as highly detailed as the character mesh underneath it.

I understand your point, but I really don’t know how to make a material that glows and **moves **around the mesh.

You know any tutorial somewhere ?

It’s quite an advanced material. There are tutorials on making forcefields that might give you the effect you are looking for, check those out on youtube.

looks like a collision proxy with a material that offsets vertex and has a panning texture for the glow.

With tutorials from here and there and trying some things on my own, I did something similar.

And then I just create a Material Instance from that material.

There is something like that in the off road project in the learn tab. The landscape material has an option for blowing sand adjust that a bit too make it more pronounced and take a look at the graph for that. There is also the force field asset on the market place if you don’t mind spending a few bucks to get it, it looks pretty cool too.