Glossy material on landscape fix?

I bought the C-Media basics pack from the market place and I quickly wanted to test it out on a landscape so applied the material and this is the result I got


it is a materiel instance, and I have gone through and looked at the parameters this is what they look like, I toggled some but none seem to make a difference and I’m still stuck with this shiny look


Any suggestions?

can anyone help?

Turn the RT refection power down to 0, and it doesn’t seem to work when you just unclick all the other options, I think it must stay at it’s pre set value. you have to change the values higher or lower as you need. also Turn the Diffuse Colour Outer to a darker colour, I turn it to a dark grey.
I have this pack and I have to say I was a bit disappointed in it, I ended up combining 2 or 3 textures in Photo shop to make a larger texture (4096) then put it Though B2M to get the normal and so on. I ended up with a far better texture. I did watch a video on the advanced materials 2 I was impressed with what I saw so he dose seem to create high quality stuff.

Do you know of any good tutorials on combining textures in Photoshop?, I think I’m going to make use of the textures and make my own material with them

Normally you just have to change the values at “gloss” (set them to 0) :slight_smile:

Sorry I do not, I’m am shore there is many out there. I use the lasso tool and select parts of images that I like, I work off 3 or 4 images that have the same type of colour in them and rearrange them and fade out the edges keeping the shape of the object, that way you can crate a 4096 texture and keep the resolutions of the textures . that seems to work for me, but since I am a weekend warrior at this type of stuff there probably a right way of doing it :).

Hey sorry Screechout, i just saw this thread - In the future feel free to email or PM me with any questions on my packs.

Make sure you always use my Material Instances rather than the base materials, this will allow you to better control how they look on your assets.

The issue you’re having looks like the RT Reflection amount as someone said earlier - Just turn it down to an appropriate value.