Glossy items?

anyone knows why rocks and stuff, including players are looking very glossy?
In the shadows its even like im made out of metal, rocks also and more things…dinos…
Must be something with the sun, but now that I finally got started on my mpa, i dont wanna break anything…
I havent changed anything to the lightning, only copy/pasted it on my persistent.

even ingame…also i spawn somewhere under the island…

…anyone can help?..

Ive manage to create submaps now, but still some problems…being add it for some time now…

this link will be the 15th testmap ive created, hopng one would work, always getting same bugs…

Its a basic persistent map(with all things copy/pasted from the island)
a landscape submap, with a landscape
and a far and a near submap with 1 foilage each
also a player start

im hoping you can take a look at it, to see what im doing wrong…(26mb)

or is there a better way to tranfer my testmap to you?

the problems i have now is that everything is looking like glossy metal…? didnt change anything to lightning…
second, is when i cook and upload a map, i spawn in the water, like there is no island even…? and still glossy
when you cook ure map, do you put the names of the submaps also inthere or only the persistent?

so im hoping that u will have some time to take a look at it and fix the problem so i can finally start creating a map.

kind regards from belgium :slight_smile:

The Skylight object seems to be giving you your glossy problem, simply tell it to stop affecting the world and the gloss goes away. However I’m not sure about your “falling through map” business. I encountered it in the ADK and attempted to resolve it, failed. Just seems the terrain just unloads or something as soon as I hit play. But 1st time loading it up it worked fine.

thx a lot :wink:
much apreciated :slight_smile:

with my first 3 maps i didnt had that problem of falling through or the glossy effect…
only when i tried the submap making it went bad…

again thx :slight_smile:

still this isuue of spawning under the island…
on the testmap i setted landscape to blaock all, and uploaded it and it worked :slight_smile:
but on the main map it doesnt???

I believe your issue might be related to world composition and the spawn camera. I’ve encountered it quite a few times in the past. The spawn camera must be specified for world composition to work. Here’s a bit of an example, if this helps:


Granted, I would wholeheartedly listen to more experienced developers working on maps here on the ADK forums! I’m still a total newb, hah. Most of my knowledge has come from scouring the internet for every tidbit of information about every small detail. Making, quite literally, over 100 Alt+print screened pictures, uploaded directly to Dropbox using their application, as I examined and studied the Studio Wildcard maps along with Uzumi’s example map has helped me a TON with my development phase of Zephnezyel. I’d really suggest checking some of those maps out! You’ll learn so much.

Speaking of, Uzumi’s map and the provided Studio Wildcard small island maps have fully functioning weather and lighting Kismet code. It will help with your sky always being ‘night’ and all of the lighting being spastic. A little tip on that too would be copying/pasting the code from Uzumi’s level blueprint (check out the level blueprints up on the top bar beside settings and matinee) into a new, temporary blueprint. I used this technique to transfer code between maps without the silly crashing I was getting when trying to import directly from one level blueprint to another.

Hopefully all of this helps some! I know it’s a little beyond your question, but I definitely know how much of a struggle it can be to get past those first few hurdles in order to find yourself in a comfortable place with map design and development :slight_smile: