GLOOMHAVEN - Looking for Coders


I am currently designing an online, multiplayer Version of GLOOMHAVEN the boardgame. This one.

Having tried to program it myself in UNITY and having failed miserably, I am now looking for someone with coding skills, who’d be interested in developing an online version of it. Naturally it is meant for private use only.

  • If you know your way around coding in a game engine,
  • and would like to be able to play Gloomhaven with absent friends,
  • but do not care for designing the game yourself:

please feel free to contact me and lets put our heads together. [HR][/HR]
I can provide most of the art (actually it’s online for anyone to access), and a favorable plan to decrease this 2 square meter monster to a small screen with the same ease and joy that the original provides.

The work that I have already done:

  • Accessed and organized most of the art (missing Miniatures for the heroes and some UI elements that I’ve thought up.)
  • Designed the look and functionality of the Gloomhaven Map, the Item interaction (Shop), Character screen, Main Menu, Team Organisation + History, World Info…
  • sketched ideas for the scenario gameplay. etc.

The plan is to create a fluent and simple to use online version that works intuitively. It wants to automate tedious tasks, animate engaging tasks, and yet provide the empowerment of a boardgame, where the player can do basically whatever he/she wants.

Yes, there is already an online version on Table Top Simulator and yes a 3D version is currently being developed. But whereas the first is not to my liking (and I’d rejoice at seeing my own ideas become real), the second has no release date as of yet and is probably going to cost a lot.

And I am aching to play the game now:

Looking forward to hearing from you,

With kind regards,
Béla Bufe
PS: My mother-tongue is german, if that’s of any help to some.