GlobalShaderCache-PCD3D_SM5.bin missing

Hey pals,

wanted to build my game but I constantly get this error. Googled a bit and the only solution I found was renaming my binary file from “UE4Game -Win64Shipping” to just “UE4Game” however the error is still not fixed. Anyone else able to provide insight on what might cause the problem ?

I tried turning on/off DX11 / 10 OpenGL 3 and 4
rebuilding my game all over again
deleting all content and building it all over again just to check if its content related

Also my machine is (if that matters)

Visual Studio Community latest build

When and where do you get the error?
How are you “building” your game, Is it via the “package” command?
Do you looked at the the log file?


Yeah I meant the package command, sorry if that was confusing. I tried looking at the logfile but I dont understand any of it. I get the error when I try to launch my game. with the .exe file

Have you tried disabling the pak compression (so you get all the cooked content in the directory plainly visible to explorer) and checking if the shaders file exists?
There was another thread recently where the OP had the same issue, I will try to dig it up and see what the solution was.


Nope didnt try that basicly left everything at default since it always worked for me. Will try it now but may take up to an hour


Okay so if anyone else is struggleing with this ryan20fun is a ****ing genius, first of huge thanks bro.
In packaging uncheck the pak compression - don’t know why but this is essential. Then go to Windows settings and enable everything from DX11 to OpenGL3. Pack that and you should be good to go. Also check if your project name has any spaces or points in it’s name. This may also cause the problem.
Packing time goes through the roof but w/e it works !

Your welcome :slight_smile:

As a suggestion, Could you go through this thread where they talk about certain build settings for packaging where it apparently makes a difference.

But i am getting this error when i try to build my project via Visual Studio too, but if i click the “cook content for windows button” in Unreal Engine (under File tab) cook content.PNG it starts cooking and when its done, go back Visual Studio and try to rebuild the solution. After building is done, it creates the exe in binaries. click the exe and it opens the project. I don’t know if I am doing right but i didn’t mess with any pak files as ryan mentioned. So Ryan if you explain this and clarify i will be grateful :slight_smile:

I have not tried cooking the conent for windows and then running the binary in the project directory.
But have you tried using the “Package project” menu from the editor ?
That should be a good start as that handles the (re)compilation of the binaries and cooking the content.


Yes I’ve tried to build using Package Project but i am also trying to build it to “Android”. And the project that i am trying to build is too big (6-7 gb) so building from “Package Project” takes hours. Because of that i am using Visual Studio, because there is a software called “Incredibuild” and it works within VS 2015. It is a building /compiling software that makes your building time way too shorter (under 10-15 mins mostly) But it only works within VS , so in order to use it i need to build my projects via Visual Studio not within UE4 editor. that’s why its a little complicated for me :slight_smile:

And i know this is not the topic for it but have you ever tried to build a project for Android via Visual Studio ? it creates 3 files in your Unreal Projects/“Your Project”/Binaries/Android, like this:
Do you have any idea that how can i copy-and run this files in my android device ? copying and installing .apk file doesn’t work. Do i need some tools or something ? or something to do with .so file ?

And if you will say that “you can deploy android via UE4 editor Package Project” i know i did it. But i have no idea how to do it via VS. And if you don’t know the answer but if you can guide to me to right place it will also help because so far i haven’t found anything related to this issue in the web.

Just a note, the rebuilding of the binaries may not be the slow part.
But if Incredibuild works, Good for you :slight_smile:

I recall reading a forum thread/Wiki/or doc entry that talks about the tool that UE uses to do the packaging(the name is probably in the log).
The tool has much more room for customising the packaging process.

I have not done anything for Android, So I cannot make any claims there.

Have you extracted the contents of the apk and checked to see if the shaders binary is there?
Or are you having a problem running the apk?
I read that you just have to use a file manager to install the apk, Have you tried googling around on how to do this?


the tool that you didn’t remember the name can be “Unreal Frontend” ? Unreal Frontend | Unreal Engine Documentation ( if this is not the one, can you give me the link? )
one of the epic staff mentioned about it and gave me the link but i haven’t looked at it detaily yet. But i will, because maybe the answer is there :slight_smile:

yes I’m having problem running the apk, basically this is the situation. Because copying it and running / installing it won’t work. Normally android builds contain two major file as far as i know: .apk file and .obb file. UE4 editor also does this if you build it from there - package project / android - Process is simple, you just copy the two files in your android device, place the .obb file in your obb folder in the device and then run the .apk file and it works. I’m using Es File Explorer in Android.

But VS build created 3 files: .target , .apk , .so file. I haven’t found out any documents about them, what to do with them or how to install them in my phone. So I’m stuck right now. I will keep continue to read docs maybe i can solve this.

That seams to be the tool.

I see NO reason why VS would do anything other then compile the code into binaries, UNLESS you are invoking a tool after the compilation has completed.

So, Let me get this straight:
telling UE to package the game takes hours (more then you want to spend doing this?) and that works?
So in order to save time packaging you want to use VS to do this instead?

The reason UE may be taking so long is that it is recompiling and recooking everything, There may be a setting to avoid that.
From my experiance, UE only cooks content that has not been cooked yet or has been modified.


Hi Ryan, sorry for late response. Yes that’s exactly what it is the situation. packaging with UE takes hours so i want to use VS to save time instead.

I’m not sure really, there are some options in Project Settings>Packaging like “cook only maps”, I don’t know if it is the thing to avoid cook everything i will try it.

But there must be really a way to run VS build. Because VS also builds same project for windows( if you choose win64) , also in binaries but you can run it. So far i haven’t found anything related to this file extensions. Ekran Alıntısı TPS.PNG

Have you looked at the log where UE packaged the game?
Could you upload it somewhere and provide a link to it?

I think you should determine what is taking the longest to run, And focus on that.
Is it the compilation of binaries or content?

I think you may need to use the front end tool to get the best out.


You will probably need a 3Rd party tool to generate the exta objects needed for Android build.

Only log file I’ve found is this, I don’t know where else to look:

I hope this is the right output file.

By 3rd party tools, there is a emulator for visual studio , you meant that or that kind ?

That looks like it could be, But it does not look complete?

3rd party in that there is probably something more then just binaries needed for Android.
I don’t know the Android build system, So I can only speculate.

Have you tried packaging via UE and selecting the same output folder?


If you try to package from UE, it will give these outputs in a folder (folder doesn’t matter)

which is fine and easy because only thing you have to do is connect your phone with a data cable to your pc and double click that install file (.bat) A console window will open and do some processing and after a short while it is ready for your phone. (you can also place .apk and .obb file in specific places in android )

VS and Incredibuild is dead end i think. Because I haven’t even found out any single person who use Unreal for Visual Studio and Incredibuild.

I will upload if i find that log file but it seems i will start to use some other methods like tweaking and optimizing contents like you said :slight_smile:

Good luck!