Global War : GENERALS

We are a team of enthusiasts of the two gaming community on strategies of cnc series - and develop “Global World War: GENERALS” - RTS strategy with real existing alliances and military forces (tanks, aircraft, defense guns, air defense, weapons of mass destruction…).
There is no fiction and no tales! Everything is based on a serious actually existing weapons of the 21st century such as the Union and the Russian Federation, the EU, US, Japan, the Pacific Union and China as part of the Asian Alliance! The game is developed on the newest engine, Unreal Engine 4, which is actively supported by developers.


Our game is designed for people over 12 years. for fun company, compete for fans, for fans of military technology, as well as cyber athletes. Through the storyline, we will try to convey the spirit of a truly indescribable terrible war and citizens of panic.

The concept of the game:

  1. The North American Consortium (SAC / NAC) - the United States, Canada, Australia
  2. Global Freedom Army (LRA / GAL) - The terrorists and insurgents in various countries
  3. The European Union (EC / EU) - Germany, Austria, Great Britain, Italy, Ireland, France, Spain, Portugal, Finland, Sweden, Denmark, Belgium, Luxembourg, the Netherlands, Greece.
  4. Asian Alliance (AA / AA) - Hong Kong, South Korea, China.
  5. Pacific Cooperation (CBT / PC) - Japan, Brunei Darussalam, Malaysia, Singapore, Thailand, New Zealand ?, Papua New Guinea, Indonesia, the Philippines, Taiwan
  6. South African Adventure (YUAB) - Angola, Botswana, Lesotho, Malawi, Mozambique, Mauritius, Namibia, South Africa, Swaziland, Tanzania, Zimbabwe and refugees from LRA army.
  7. Russian Federation (RF / RF)
    Differences fractions. generals:
    All the fractions are significantly different from each other. Some people prefer to control other tactical actions with Forces groups, and others prefer the mass number of units (ie, the amount of pressure the enemy), and someone is focusing even unexpected attacks, aviation, covert action or even the rapid development of technology, while others prefer superweapon: nuclear missiles, plasma guns, impulse gun, electromagnetic pulse, the hydrogen bomb, and even the latest development - Climatic weapons, etc.
    From each fraction is 5 generals. (With this complete list can be found on the forum)
    For example, consider the European Union (EU):
  1. General rapid reaction force ( “General-speed.” The entire rate of speed. No heavy machinery, great intelligence. Gen. everyone knows the next step of the enemy advance)
  2. The general ground support (Uses radar and command center to call the additional forces and “surprises” for the enemy. Excellent ground power, but expensive aviation)
  3. The general new technologies (energy generated in the command center. It uses the latest technology to win, repair drones, which can quickly cause the broken equipment in order thereby to return to the system)
  4. The general impulse gun (use an electromagnetic pulse to disable all the forces of the enemy)
  5. The general plasma gun (use the plasma to completely burn the enemy forces)
    As a result, in 35 Generals planned game. Each has its own unique technology, unique features, its variation of tactics and combinations of opponents. Each next battle will be significantly different from all these. This will provide players of our game to spend a very long time. (In the future we plan to add new generals in the game on the principle of voting players to entice and encourage second new surprises!).
    Such a large selection of generals will be available immediately. To open a new combat units the player should spend some time in the game for earning experience points, which you can customize and vidouluchshat its troops and to open new generals.
    game modes
    The game is aimed at GWW online battles for eSports fans, but also will be a single game, which includes such modes as: Campaign 7, 35 trials general, the way the general, and small missions that players can create themselves. In multiplayer, you will see: On-line battle, the passage of missions in co-op, Ladder, Quick match. Total factions will be 7: North American Consortium of Euro Union, CEO, Asian Alliance, Pacific Union YUAB, Russian Federation. For each of the fractions will have a storyline campaign. In the “General Test” player chooses one general and for several battles will have to overcome various other generals in duel mode. In the “Path of the general” will feature numerous quests with a gradual increase in difficulty with the various modes and bonuses. (Similar tests can be found in the game Mortal Kombat 9 in the “test tower”). In single and multiplayer battles will be available Battle up to 8 players. The game will also be 2 regime battles: arcade and sports. In the arcade mode will be added some exclusive moments enhance the fun of the game. Whereas the sports mode, all the secondary functions that can act on the balance of the game will be disconnected and the game will become more eSports character. The game is also planned to create a personalized customization of your general. dyeing units will be available, and buildings, as well as a variety of badges, emblems and flags.
    game Background
    The game takes place in the near 2050-ies, where a conflict between the Arab terrorist organization called “radical groups in the struggle for freedom (Liberty Global Army),” Union Pacific and Europe. By 2030, the world of the unipolar world, has become a multi-polar. In different parts of the world have formed a variety of powerful alliances and associations. For example, a terrorist group formed in Africa. In the Pacific basin has formed a military bloc “Union Pacific” on the territory of which was approved by other countries and unions to create a new weapon of mass destruction - climatic weapons.
    In 2025 as a result of the reform of NATO, it was split into two independent military-political blocs - the EU (Austria, Germany, UK, Italy, Ireland, France, Spain, Portugal, Finland, Sweden, Denmark, Belgium, Luxembourg, the Netherlands, Greece) and the North American Consortium (United States, Canada, Australia, New Zealand).
    The arms race has passed to a new level. Union Pacific (Brunei, Malaysia, Singapore, Thailand, New Zealand, Papua New Guinea, Indonesia, Philippines, Taiwan) has developed a prototype climate of weapons of mass destruction. After a couple of successful experiments in secret laboratories, data about the weapons were in sight of the CEO. And already in 2032 he was promoted to capture a prototype of the weapon. The whole world held dyhanie.Tihookeansky Union reported on this situation, the EU Union (EU), ANZUS (Australia, New Zealand, United States), AA (Asian Alliance) and Russia. At the same time, because of the numerous terrorist attacks the world has remained virtually without politicians. And all hopes lie on the generals. After the data incident, a few months later, the Global Liberation Army simultaneously attacked by countries at different points of the earth. In 2033 this world conflict joined another party, supporters of terrorism - South African Adventure. And how will advance the story - you have to decide …
    In 2031 the United States is experiencing a time of great upheaval. The situation on the stock market out of control. Erupted 3rd world financial crisis, plunging the US economy into a new Great Depression. A failing strategy in the Middle East caused the condemnation of all the world’s media. Authorities in Texas moved to the United States ended output supporters. Against the background of the crisis in Europe, a wave of anti-American speeches. Arab enclaves formed in the heart of Europe demanded that the EU enlargement “living space”. Former employee BMD Wolfgang Schwarz was granted political asylum in Russia after the publication of the details of the current 70 years “Kansler-act”, which put Germany’s policy in the total dependence on the United States. Rapidly the impoverished citizens of the EU countries have opted for the nationalist parties, promised to close the US military base, and finally solve the Arab question … 2033g. The US Senate had a bill to reduce the US military presence and the disclaimer military aid to allies in all regions of the world. NATO unit was disbanded. 2034g. US Care radically changed the balance of power in the Pacific. The Pacific Alliance was formed to oppose the expansion of the threat from China. Lack of countries nuclear technology has led the Union Pacific scientists to the idea of ​​creating a completely new type of weapons. 2035. Start building a multipolar world. Under the auspices of the UN Congress passed the nuclear powers. It was pact “On Protection of Life”, which prohibits the use of strategic nuclear weapons in conflicts between countries. 2037g. Intsedent Bougainville (Papua New Guinea, the Solomon Islands). The crew of the patrol boat Rabaul recorded strong seismic activity. For unclear reasons, the Coast Guard has not received a warning from the boat crew. As a result, the resulting tsunami city Bougainvillea was completely destroyed. Seismologists record unprecedented seismic activity across the Pacific Ocean. Increased seismic activity in the area Yeloustounskogo supervolcano. US President announces initiative “10,000 favorites”, Which fall into the richest Americans families.
    The eruption awakened throughout the world of volcanoes to the atmosphere thrown hundreds of tons of ash. The average temperature dropped to 10 degrees, ashen veil has covered a significant portion of the planet. 2038g. The evacuation of the ISS staff. many communications satellite lost. The bankruptcy of the leading industrial corporations. The collapse of world trade. 2039. The situation on the planet is critical. The environmental problems of the world by this time grown into a catastrophe - the planet’s resources are depleted, the traditional sources of energy is not enough. Due to climate change habitable area becomes smaller. 2039-2042gg. strange forces are left to survive. Millions of people around the world run to the south and become refugees. Drinking water is becoming scarce. Global crop failures. Millions of victims of hunger, cold and epidemics. July 6, 2042. In connection with the catastrophic humanitarian situation in the UN Security Council introduces a state of emergency on the territory of Africa and Middle East. International Court of Justice takes the “Resolution 0” abolishes the state of Africa and the Middle East. July 7, 2042. US President announces South Africa zone of vital US interests. Under the cover of the US Navy in the former South African government and people are being evacuated, included in “iniativu 10,000.” 2042-2045gg. Territory “Resolution 0” shaken by riots. After the events about the city of Algiers in 2044, when the peace tank battalion was virtually destroyed by extremists, the EU decided to introduce an additional military contingent to protect their interests and civilians. China and Russia in response announced the formation of their own areas of interest and have started deployment of peacekeeping forces. This situation once again drives the human civilization - coming new world migration of peoples, it is necessary to divide the already divided world.
    The gameplay of the game.
    The main task of the player:
  1. Passage of game story the formation of his army, built a military base and the successful application of strategic and tactical decisions. Construction of the level design is based on the implementation of mini-missions and constantly sets the task of deciding on the method of transmission or control of a site on the gaming arena. The player creates his “army” competent selection of the required number and type of units in the context of limited resources.
  2. Participate in online battles with real players, the same as the player himself. 3) cooperative missions. The same single mission, but that could take place with a partner. Gameplay is to manage “their” objects (buildings and units) to perform quests, the passage of the card, the conduct of hostilities and the provision of resources. Obstacles in the way of a player are:
    -Map As unexplored labyrinth.
    -Enemy units (tanks, aircraft and infantry) and special items (radiation, toxins and other).
    A bounded resource and the use of several types of structures (command center, power plant, building of military production, technological and economic construction). -Takticheskie Problem \ maneuvers for players will depend on the specific location (map of the battlefield and the location of enemy units).
    As is customary in the genre of RTS player controls a variety of units, which gives certain commands: “build”, “attack”, “produce”, “follow me” and others. The game is earning resource is present, which in this case acts utilsyrё (junk) - the only necessary and available resource. Search Salvage is one of the activities which he occupies. It can be found in warehouses, some of the buildings that you can capture and produce it from their buildings. Combat operations are based on the exchange of influences - physical weapons. Each unit or character is characterized by its distinctive ability to attack and counter these attacks.
    Types of units:
    Surface transport
    Air Force
    In addition the game will present a working equipment (units, which have the ability to build, defuse mines, or collect resources)
    Each weapon is effective against a certain class of unit. These weapons are divided into attack abilities against specific objectives:
    Only infantry
    Only the technique
    Just Aviation
    In addition, each type of weapons particularly effective against a particular unit type. Some units have several types of weapons, among them the player can switch. In addition, these types can be combined with each other. There are many different types of shells in the game: the toxins to the plasma; from sniper bullets to napalm; missiles and to the laser beam. There are now just over 55 types of weapons.
    Battle of the generals (Playing two or more players)
    Any player who played in the first part of the generals must understand that the story missions the gameplay is significantly different from the online battles. In the future, we want to tell you about the direct gameplay in online battles. In the menu, creating an online game, you can: select a card, the general, the position on the map and the team set up a random selection of the general, choose your color, the starting amount, arcade or sports mode, limiting superweapon, pick a head start and so much more. Our game is very diverse and every player will find in it something for yourself. At the beginning of the match, we see before us is a construction unit and headquarters - the command center. One of the main goals to achieve the advantage over the enemy - is the extraction of resources, namely recyclables. The process of resources is to maintain a sufficient amount of raw material, which is consumed by the player. For the production of the resource used by miners resources (Slaves, helicopters, trucks, ATVs, etc.), which are utilsyrё of warehouses on the player’s base (in a certain building for resource gathering). In addition, depending on the game card may be for capturing the building. Such buildings are captured by infantry or appliances (Only the one who has this skill). The ability to capture all trained in the barracks \ barrack (in the building where the new infantry can be ordered). In addition, the working units can be built on the key point of an oil well for resource extraction. This method of production and method of extraction of resources from the warehouse is limited to a certain unique value. Let’s look at the following description of the game through the eyes of the EU factions. For the collection of recyclables pickers resources necessary to build a building of “resource center” or seize the building that can bring additional resources to the player in a piggy bank. On the map a limited number of resources, except oil derricks that just yet captured players fighting force. In addition, for the second type of resource can be calculated electricity. The method of its production is simple: the construction of the reactor \ Generator their workers will provide you with these resources on a specific unit. To increase the value of the electricity the player will need to build one more plant. Electricity production units accelerates process improvement and construction of buildings. Each building requires a certain amount of energy. The rate of production units, improvements and construction of new buildings voenotehnologichnyh proportional to the amount of energy. Some factions lack of energy off the radar (mini-map). The building can be de-energized, ie make this building completely ceased to perform its function, thus not requiring electricity. Switching on and off electricity building takes some time. The order of units is carried out of the barracks buildings, barracks, factory, airfield, helipad, etc. for a certain number of resources, and subject to certain conditions, usually it requires a certain building or enhancing. After some time after the order, the unit is ready to listen to the orders of the player. Objects player, namely the units and buildings have their own individual improvements that have been upgraded in a similar manner. Each unit is endowed with its own unique abilities and weapons.
    Let’s talk about the generals’ promotions.
    Boost - a unique opportunity to support the general use of the characteristic of his faction. those. each raising their general. Each general has an increase of 4 levels. Each increase is: -Custom requirements (grade, building costs) - Recovery time - Type of action (on the area, on the unit \ object, improving performance) - increase of the level of general’s points are awarded for the destroyed units \ building and seizures of buildings. The first level is given immediately. Others on the further development.
    A few words about the maps.
    game map represents a portion of the territory of the following properties: the maximum size limit of the visible area of ​​the game, the main (initial) height of the map, the map type (single, cooperative or multiplayer for the battle online), the maximum number of players, the starting number of resources.
    Each card also has:
    -Unique climate (drought, the usual weather, rain, snow, fog, etc.)
    -osveschenie (main light and the incident, shadow adjustment)
    -time of day (choice of variable or static)
    -startovaya Player camera position (standard or exact coordinates on the map)
    -Takticheskie Important objects and locations
    The set of natural objects with which you can interact by means of its units
    The map will be impassable and walkable areas (separately for devices and separately for the infantry, thus: where can drive technology, there will be held every infantryman)
    Fog of war:
    For Multiplayer: The game will be present fog of war - all the actions of the enemy will be seen in the visible area of ​​the map, except for the hidden enemy units, which are detected by special methods (raising, radars units).
    For companies: similar to multiplayer, but at the start of the card is completely shrouded in darkness, and the player will have to open these locations yourself.
    Where to draw inspiration:
    When creating the project I was inspired by a number of strategies: first of all the three main games of the line of command and conquer: Generals zero hour, Tiberium Wars 3: Kane`s Wrath, Red alert, as well as Warrhammer 40k SoulStorm, StarCraft 2, Dune 2, and Company of Heroes. The concept of the game was brought to mind by me for 6 years and subjected to some changes on the part of the two forums lovers of strategy and professional players.
    Create perfect in every sense of the strategy, together with experienced players!
    The project work:
    Project Director, modeler, work with the engine: Alexander Dmitriev (AIR-Z)
    The project on the site -
    Group VK -
    Draft -
    Draft gcup -
    Draft gamedev -
    Draft sc2tv forum -И...ld-War-Generals
    Draft -
    Draft -
    Instagram project -
    The project is very necessary experienced programmers, 3D artists, painters and animators.

Skype: Pusciferfly , bussion
Donate to project:
— Yandex Money: 410011569986872
— Qiwi: +79539262564
— WebMoney: R199424249149

Dozer EU

I really enjoyed the CnC Series, so sad that it fell by the way side.

Looking forward to seeing more of this, you seem to have made great progress already!

Keep it up!

Thanks, you’ve just made me realise how much I miss playing C&C Generals. Super nostalgia feel on this project, will be good to see how it pans out :slight_smile:

I am interested in your skills: programming, drawing, modeling, etc.


Looking great so far. Can’t wait to see more in-game work!

New General EU Rapid Reaction Force


I quite like your art style but the game’s title is a bit strange. Global and World mean the same thing in this context so having both in there is somewhat redundant. It essentially means “World World War”.

*Global war: GENERALS
at the beginning we have not decided on the name

@FrozenHarlequin : Wait, this game has a prefix?

I just saw GENERALS and immediately started salivating.
I miss the ye-olde Generals Zero Hour shenanigans I used to get up too.

What ever its called, I’m interested in seeing if continues down this path…

Need modellers, artists, programmers!
Skype: Pusciferfly

There is a set of the development team! We need:
-Programmers C ++
-Developers on the Unreal Engine
-Art designers
-3D Artists in Substance Designer
-Experts to develop online services \ customer

Have you created a recruitment post in the Job Offerings section?

If not, take a look at the Recruitment Template and other threads there, then create one.

Unfortunately, I’m out, coz my plate is already full enough.


There is a set of the development team! We need:
-Programmers C ++
-Developers on the Unreal Engine
-Art designers
-3D Artists in Substance Designer
-Experts to develop online services \ customer

Global war: GENERALS *up

There is a set of the development team for the project Global War: GENERALS! We need: programmers C ++, modelers, designers and artists.

**Products: **The multiplayer game - Strategy «Global War: GENERALS» under the «OC Windows» distributed digital copies
The game engine: «Unreal Engine 4"
Graphics: 3D
Genre: RTS Multiplayer game (Real Time Strategy)
Followers: PEGI: 12+. Lovers of strategies in which it is easy to understand. Fans compete and create their own jobs, maps, and then to fight them with a computer opponent, or even with a friend.


Concept. Gameplay:
Formally, the game belongs to the classic RTS. She has such actions as are required to collect resources, build base, build armies before the attack, providing electric energy, defense and so on. N.
However, in some cases, the battle can not be carried out many thousands of armies, and a small, compact versatile units, which with proper management and timely support (aircraft, artillery, powerful tanks, snipers and …) Are able to win the battle of the enemy having much more serious force. On the other hand, there are no restrictions on the development of the database and the number of units in the game there, so sometimes an army easier and faster from heavy armored vehicles, which will do away with the enemy in one fell swoop.

As with most strategies, the game is available a separate campaign for its storyline and single cards to battle against computer or live opponents. You can play via LAN or via the Internet on the official game server. When performing certain conditions the player can earn medals and awards. Some of them turn out quite quickly (eg tanker medal you can get to build 100 or more tanks), while others need to make long and hard.

Home support side of the project in a variety of parties and gameplay process. There are 7 fractions (North American Consortium Global Freedom Army, European Union, Asian Alliance, Pacific cooperation, South African Adventure, Russian Federation) in each of which there are from 5 generals. Some generals prefer artillery and other aircraft, tanks, chemical weapons, hidden attacks, espionage, good mobility, etc. Each general has its own history and characteristics.

At the beginning of the game available to all factions of 7 one general. There is an opportunity to discover new generals as the transmission and pumping their profile.
It will be given the opportunity to select a camouflage for our army and any other customization. In the future, content updating: introduction to the game of new generals, units and support forces, as well as new missions, characters and multiplayer maps.

================================================== ===========

on cooperation write:
Skype: Pusciferfly
ICQ UIN: 707531305
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