"global" timeline for multiple actors in Blueprint possible?

I have to decide how to setup my morphtargets for timelineanimation.
Target is to create a weirdochestra.**
Is it possible to reuse the timeline outputpins in another actor?
Metronome actor is creating events and “spread” it out to the orchestra actors?

I have for now different actors, setup with similar timelines, but different sounds/one shots/hits.
Different drums are working for now and it is growing well, but starting to get complicated (code noodles)

I want not to advertise something here, i search for an answer, but metronome working you can find here, to get an idea.

With FMOD it is possible i know, but 900 bucks is to much for me, to play with.

My timelinesetup is like the old sample players at c64 times and i use similar samples.
If you know howto, but do not want to share your knowlegde for free, then pm me.

If you know a better way, tell me please.
kind regards

Place the timeline in the Level Blueprint and create references to the actors you want it to affect by selecting them all in-editor, opening the Level BP, and going right-click>create references to [x] selected actors

Then you can drag off from them to call functions on them in the Level BP, allowing the single global timeline to affect them all.