Global Time Dilation > 1 not affecting destruction physics

A Global Time Dilation setting greater than 1 does not affect destruction physics, physics always appear as if global time dilation would be at 1. Global Time Dilation below 1 does work, at 0.2 the destruction pieces are actually falling with 20% speed.

I know that to be same precise at a global time dilation setting of 2 the physics would need 2 times the computing power as on 1, but this should not really be a problem.

I am using 4.7.5.

Hi John,

This looks to be resolved with our internal build. I was able to setup an example in 4.7 and then test with 4.8 and everything is working as intended now.

Thanks for your report and keep an eye out soon for the preview releases to start so you’ll be able to test this as well.