Global Reflections, TrueSky, Ocean Project - issues someplace

As the title states - i am unsure where my “issue” is. I belive it maybe in the global reflections (turned on for use with Ocean Project).
I noticed that the reflections on the water surface are a little “off”.

One of the key things that got me looking at it specifically was the clouds from TrueSky being reflected back as the wrong scale. By that i mean, they are about the size of a dime on reflection and fist sized in the sky space.

The second thing i noticed was that the horizon looked like it was “sliced”. Its a very hard line between the water plane and the sky. The water plane gives a very flat feel to the horizon and the sky is trying to give that rounded feel. It meets in the middle and has strange effects. On of the effects is that the clouds from TrueSky seem like they have been cut-off from the horizon. A better mental image is that the horizon (from the players perspective) has cut (like a knife) all the bottoms of the clouds so they will not appear lower then the horizon. Its very strange.

Other then that - minor things. Mainly I’m trying to figure out what is causing this. Is it the reflections? Truesky + Ocean project? Maybe a combo of all 3?
If it is the reflection, should i just place captures all over the place to resolve any camera reflection glitches? Im not sure adding a TON of these would be beneficial to anyone lol (im not sure the overall impact of hundreds of reflection caps).

found the issues are with Ocean Project breaking the hell out of stuff :frowning:

^ not really 100% true

The “fix” was to add a truesky transparent blend node to the water material … wham bam! resolved!

What about issue when I place Ocean Blueprint in level in with is active True Sky actor it becomes black ?

I have no idea, i have stopped using both things a couple years ago.
1 of them is broken as hell, and, still is today, the other i no longer needed at all.