Global Mode Manager Build ERROR

Hello everyone, I have a compilation problem that I haven’t found a solution anywhere, and I’ve never received this error before. I’m already losing the rest of my hair with this, if anyone has a possible solution I’d be grateful!

Note: I have already reinstalled unreal and the error continues.
Note2: I tried to compile a basic project and it worked, but this project cannot compile at all!

There is a post with a similar error [Global Mode manager build error], but his solutions involve github, and I don’t use github. I’m about to release my game and this occurs to me, someone help me please!


Since I couldn’t find the answer absolutely nowhere, in my constant trial and error I managed to figure it out, somehow I had to delete the “saved” folder from my project’s root folder and add my backup “saved” folder, and the project started compiling again, I hope it helps another soul not to suffer like I did.

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