Global menu bar not displaying properly for Gear VR

Does anyone else have an issue with the progress bar not displaying correctly in UE4.14? when I hold down to get to the global menu the bar only appears in my right eye and its at the top right of my headset (works fine on PC) - It worked perfectly in 4.11 (both left and right were aligned to the centre) in my Gear VR but not in an in any later versions for me.

Am I doing something wrong?

I followed this tutorial - apparently it’s known bug - but nothing seems to have been done about it for several versions - :frowning:

It also has been ;isted as a WONT FIX - Am I correct in reading this?
I’m pretty sure Oculus won’t publish my game with a wonky progress bar that only displays in one eye. And it’s surprising since it used to work in 4.11 - I don’t know why Epic isn’t on this. Is there a better way I don’t know about.

Answers gratefully received.


This is no longer required - just leave it out - the default SDK actions from 4.14 do away with all the platform specific UI you used to need to do :slight_smile:

I might be mistaken but dosen’t 4.14 only take care of the audio bar side of things? I’m trying to make the global menu stuff with widgets right this moment - and it would be good if I didn’t have to do it. what’s the secret?

@aussieburger - do I need to do anything - as I don’t get any bar when I press and hold the back button, I am now using 4.14

I didn’t bother with that and many other apps didn’t bother with that either - as long as it appears within the specified time interval :wink:

That’s interesting -
I thought it was still a requirement -

Thanks AussieBurger -