Global Illumination - (Real-Time Ray Tracing)

Hello Epic

Pleas - Global Illumination - Please try to move the boundaries

So many videos and papers on real-time GI on internet and still no progress in Unreal.
Pleas invest in some money in new developers who are just concentrating on GI.

I do not have math education or programming.
My idea (perhaps unrealistic) is to:
1 calculate a central point (for surface points) from each smaller polygon and for big 3+1 point , biger 9+1 point.
2 and use it to calculate the ray impact only between these surface points.
3 for all static objects determining mutual point visibility
4 calculate surface points on moving subjects (and mutual visibility)
now we have a fixed number of all pints for interaction
5 calculate multi bounce ray on all surface points

Distance Field Ambient Occlusion - is very good
(Unreal - Distance Field Global Illumination - Is to limited for good GI)

Cool staf
Real-Time Global Illumination Using Precomputed Illuminance Composition with Chrominance Compression

A little interesting
New Screen-Space Ray-Traced Global Illumination (SSRTGI)