Global Game Jam 2015 (Jan 23-25)

Hey guys! Just a friendly reminder that the Global Game Jam kicks off this friday (5 pm in your local timezone).

Global Gam Jam is the biggest game jam event in the world where practically the entire world participates at the same time and all create wonderful games around the same theme!

To enter you have to register at a local GGJ site (search on their website for more information) and from there on just have fun! While not strictly Unreal Engine related it would be encouraging to have some UE4 projects on board :slight_smile: All games are registered on their site and can be downloaded by other GGJ participants so hopefully we’ll be seeing some awesome games there! :smiley:

For more information visit the site:

Anyone near Epic HQ should check out the NC State / Triangle site: NC State University (Triangle Area) | Global Game Jam

Nick Darnell and I will be there jamming.

Michael Noland

BTW. If anyone does a game in UE4 for the GGJ, please post a link to the final page here. I’m sure we can do a blog post or something to promote your awesome games!

Michael Noland

I am one of the organizers at the Faroe Islands GGJ site, is epic going to provide the jammers with access to UE4 as they did for the latest Ludum Dare and as Unity is doing for this years GGJ ?

If you’ve got a specific GGJ site that you’d like sponsored, PM me. I’ll see what we can do :slight_smile:

Hi Guys

How did you all get on?

The students from the University of Hertfordshire Games Art course managed to make 8 games. It was great fun, it was our first crack at the event and looking forward to trying again next year.

A big thank you to for sending them all dinner in the form of lots of Pizza and endless coffee!

The answer to a new type of game must be in here!

Things went pretty well at the NC State site! We had 68 jammers register and about 50 active participants produced 11 games.

Cowtastrophe is the game I worked on, made with UE 4.6.1.

Michael Noland

I helped out a team in Israel! Sadly, we were using HTML5/coffeescript/meteor instead of UE4, but it was still a blast!!

Hi everyone!

We also made a game using UE4 this GameJam! it was exhausting, but very fun!

We also show UE4 to our friends in the jam and convince them to learn this awesome engine :smiley:

The game, MASS:

Some pics of the game:

Hope you enjoy our game, we are also happy to get some feedback :slight_smile:


Did my first game with Unreal Engine during GGJ 2015 just a little survivor in the spirit of Antoine de Saint-Exupery. Was done in Switzerland with 2 artistes (met on the place) and my wife (who is electrical engineer).


You can find full project files on my github

And binaries (windows/OSX) also on github or on the GGJ2015 page github GGJ2015.

There is probably loads of bugs and things I should have done differently but this was my first unreal game!