Global Forum Feedback

Hello, I’ve been writing some aspects of the forum that I think could be improved, I’m not sure it’s the right place to share this but hopefully this gets relayed through!


  • Ability to track a whole category (especially the Announcements one)
    EDIT: Found a way to do it in the profile settings
    EDIT2: It’s site wide instead of being just for the UEFN category, eventhough the settings are all in a blue color (UEFN color)

  • Ability to track all OP (only) answers on its own topic, meaning you’d get a notification even if he doesn’t answer directly to you or doesn’t @ you

Track = being notified and receiving an actual notification


  • Character overflow in preformatted text messes up the indenting at times, the following text contains an 8 whitespaces long indent (maybe you’ll have to zoom a bit to see the bug) :

  • You have to manually escape HTML tags such as <suspends>

Escaping means adding a backslash \ in front of a character so it’s not interpreted as a formatting character, I actually had to write \<suspends\> so you can see it properly, otherwise it disappears

So apparently, you can use HTML tags such as <h2> to display your text like this :

This is between <h2></h2> tags

This is between <s></s> tags

But I don’t think that suspends or transacts tags are valid HTML tags, maybe some parsing to whitelist them would be great!

  • Talking of escaped characters, they won’t stay escaped when quoted : quote this → <transacts>

  • Preformatted text blocks are not responsive

So I’m using a 150% zoom setting since I don’t have such a good eyesight and code blocks appears like this

I feel like we could use this red area to display more code without having to linebreak a line of code (maybe a simple width:100% would work?)

  • Long comments in a preformatted text block break the color syntax
    # `animation_controller` states.
        animation_controller_state<native><public> := enum:
            # The target of the animation is not an animatable prop. This could be because:
            #  * It is not a `creative_prop` that can be animated.
            #  * It was disposed or otherwise destroyed.
            #  * It has the 'Register with Structural Grid' option set in UEFN.


  • Typing the character ‘:’ and pressing Return after (to break a line) will print a smiley instead for some reason.

I understand that this is a feature, but I think this particular case should be avoided, it happened many many times to me. (maybe wait a bit before displaying the smiley list? maybe allow the backspace key to act as the escape key?)

  • Remove ability to self-vote

There’s no point in this, either the mods already know if you self voted or not and then it’s useless, or they don’t know and then you need to self-vote all your posts.

  • Cannot search (CTRL+F) large topics (topics with a lot of answers or containing long messages).

Look at my first answer under this message and try to search it using CTRL+F after opening the following spoiler :

# I'm hiding all answers under me because of my height :'(


Because it dynamically loads answers based on the current page size the default search function doesn’t work. Maybe building a server-sided search bar that would open upon pressing CTRL+F would be a good solution. (so you can keep the lazy loading)

  • The search bar does search the whole forum (including UE5, Metahuman, Capturing Reality…)

The method I use to search the forum is to go to the documentation and click the search icon to search the forum :person_shrugging:

Also there’s a visual glitch, the UEFN category stays highlighted eventhough you’re search the whole forum

  • Ability to have many drafts. Seems that when you have a draft and you create a new topic, it will ask you this.

But the profile menu adds a number next to your Drafts with a s

Also there’s a list display of your one and only draft in your profile, is this an unfinished feature ? :person_shrugging:


You can choose this topic type when creating a new topic under the Issues and Bug Reporting category

  • Add a way to mark the issue as resolved, like the other ones. People still talk under these topics and they can find answers.

  • Setting the URL as the title doesn’t get converted, when you create a new Issue, you’ll be asked for a title and the placeholder says you can enter an URL, but here’s how it displays then :

  • The default values for the Issue type and category are Creative / Assets.


These are required fields, I think they should be prepopulated with empty values instead so people have to specify them. It happened to me that I forgot to change them and it posted like this. I then updated the values but I’m not sure it updates well on the dev backend? (if there’s one)

  • The fullscreen mode doesn’t allow for changing the title, eventhough the form is heavy so I think a lot of people use fullscreen for those.


  • Add a translate option upon selecting any text.

Some people don’t seem to be talking english at all and I’m too lazy to go to Google Translate :smiley:

Thank you :partying_face:

Search the word : THISISTHEWORD (for the example explained above, copy paste instead of writing it)

@im_a_lama Thank you for your feedback. While I cannot guarantee a response, I can confirm that this has been forwarded to the appropriate team.

I’m going to add this weird bug where you can sometimes see UE5 / Programming & Scripting topics when you click on the Fortnite / Programming & Scripting category. It happened to me multiple times, I even answered someone on a UE5 topic which I thought was about Fortnite.

EDIT: You seem to see a list of all the topics from all the forums instead, not sure though

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Sometimes the forum theme is visually wrong (this topic is inside the UEFN forum but the theme is the “green” Unreal Engine forum theme and all colors are green)

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Thanks a lot for the feedback! We are digging through and turning it into a list of items to explore changes or fixes for. I can’t guarrantee we will cover all of it, but we will aim to have a range of this addressed over the weeks to come.

Re Translate - We are currently experimenting with enabling a Discourse translate plugin. We are looking into how well it handles things.

The theme switching is an annoying one and one we are aware of. At its core this is one large forum, with multiple modes, one per application. That way we can work towards having topics be shared across applications, for example UE material editor topics are also relevant for UEFN. The downside is that we do see that the site sometimes gets it wrong and puts you into the wrong mode. I have asked my colleagues to try and work out some repro cases and take a further look at it.


Thx for the answer, really good to see that we’re helping.

Also, I’ve just went to your profile, then on mine and this happened :smiley:

(went off after refreshing the page though)

I’m glad to see that even after the full website rework, none of these have been fixed, you guys managed to add more issues though :partying_face: