Global Always appearing everywhere one content browser

Can you please implement this global browser?
The idea is that no matter what window i open i will always be sure that my ONE and only content browser
i use will be there, at all times, period. Open shader editor - its there, blueprint, texture window, whatever its always there docked somewhere where i left it the last time i opened similar window type.

Are you saying to make every instance of the content browser the same? I’m not sure I understand.

Imagine you have your 4 content browsers, imagine Epic adds new one that is Global Content Browser,
now while in options “Use Global Content Browser” is toggled, this GCB will be opened by default in ALL windows,
remembering its options for each of those windows (position etc), but the state of the browser is shared,
the same texture folder opened in main workspace, going to be opened in material editor.

Bump i want officials to see this.


Hi samb,

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Hi Samb,

You can already dock content browsers in windows and they will stay at that location until called elsewhere. You can have up to 4 content browsers in different windows (they are added from the Window>Content Browser menu). Can you clarify how you would like this to work? Did you want instances of the same content browser or that the browsers return after being called elsewhere?

Ok same issue of misunderstanding i had with moderator earlier.
No this doesnt work, im amazed you never encountered this issue - open one material editor, there it is your content browser №whatever,
but as soon as you open another material browser you wont have that content browser in it.
Because it is already opened elsewhere. More than that they dont share the state.
It means you wont have same folder/search options across your content browsers.
Guys this is LEGIT suggestion coming from someone who spends 12 hours a day making assets in UE4 and encountering all of
its assets related issues and annoyances.

I finally understand what you were trying to say.
It is called Window/Panel, but not a Content Browser. Content browser is specific window that contains Assets of your project and nothing more.

Current logic for new windows is 4.7 specific. We had different logic for windows creation prior to this release and it comes back in 4.8 (You could switch between old/new style)

Hello samb,

After reading over your post I found that this would make a good suggestion. I have written up a feature request ( UE-13905) and I have sent it to the developers for further consideration. I hope this helps.

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