GLOBAL ALLIANCE - FIGHT CORONA (FPS-multiplayer shooter)

Hello guys,

In the last couple of weeks during corona quarantine I decided to make a small FPS-Multiplayer shooter to gain some experience with weapon systems and network replication. The project went quite well and I’m pretty happy with the result so I decided to make this trailer about the core mechanics of the game and publish the game to the public so everybody can play it. The matchmaking works via steam and you must be logged in order to find other people. To find a server of your friend, as far as my experiences told me, you must be within the next 100km or so to find the server from your friend. I will try for future updates to implement an invite system for steam…

Also, if you want to donate for the game, I would highly appreciate it! If enough people do so I might do a tutorial or so on the core mechanics I used. I will try to post updates and make progress in the future, but university started again so time is limited.

Download link for the game (all of your friends must have the same version of the game in order to play it!) :…ew?usp=sharing


  • Fight against friends in up to 4vs4 teams
  • 5 weapons and 2 grenades each witch custom recoil and fire rate
  • Advanced Movement System (crouching, running…)
  • Advanced UI (Shop, Grafics settings, leaderboard)
  • More to come…

On this UE4 forum post I will keep you updated and post new updates as well as a list of all known bugs :

  1. Factory/Future map not optimized and pretty buggy yet
  2. Reload Animation only visible for the actual player and not the other ones
  3. Reload Sound can be heard all over the map
  4. Projectile Collision for damage might fail in 1/10 cases

If you found a bug just let me know: contact me on discord (pompeiic #4964) or write a comment here.

Any feedback is welcome! :slight_smile:

Have a great day and stay healthy!

PS: used assets in the game from the marketplace:

  • BallisticFX
  • ALSv3
  • Ironbelly Pistols pack
  • FPS Aussault pack(FREE)
  • Anim Starter pack
  • Abondend Factory
  • FPS Shooter Example
  • Military Char Dark/Silver
  • underlying music from

Look interesting congratulations, I like to know where do you host the game server if possible ?

Thanks! :slight_smile: Well for now the Matchmaking works like a peer-to-peer system, someone hosts a game on his PC and the other players can then join, there is no dedicated server available for now… Maybe I will add this option later!