Glitches in Landscape Paint

So I´ve started learning Unreal. I´ve created a Landscape and now I want to texture it. I´ve created a material with 5 different textures to paint with later. Setup with Albedo, Roughness and Normal passing through a layer blend node.

And when I assign this material to the landscape it should turn black, because it doesn´t know what to display (according to a tutorial). However, I´m getting this weird stuff happening in a particular spot on my landscape.

And this is what it looks like if I fill the landscape with only one texture. For some reason I have a green circle in the middle of my landscape. I can´t a This is the second time this happens because I replicated my material and this problem is still there.
The rest of the images are here: Unreal Problem - Album on Imgur
The second image is my landscape without any material (screenshots are too big for the forum :))
My question is how can I fix this issue…

Did you try setting the sampler source on all the textures to ‘shared:wrap’?

@ClockworkOcean I tried changing the albedo, roughness and normal textures to shared: wrap, but it didn´t change anything. What is shared: wrap tho?

People usually run out of texture space when they make materials like this. Shared:wrap stops that happening.

Seems like a straightforward material. I don’t know what the problem is.

Hey, I created a new landscape and the circle is still there!! Am I cursed or something? Or is it supposed to be there? Because the circle is right in the center of my world.

I just tried moving my landscape away from the circle, and the circle doesn´t move with the landscape. Did I activate some post effect or something?


What a coincidence, I´ve just discovered before your post that the reflectionSpehere was causing that problem. Haha, thank you!!