Glitched textures after duplicate project

Hi there !
I’m new on a UE4, and I use Datasmith for my Archviz projects. I started at home my new project and I had no problems. But I duplicated the project on my work’s laptop, and even after clean build I’ve those errors :

I don’t know where this is come from. And I’ve this problem on few materials. My textures are good and well refered… Please help me :frowning:

Thx !!

which version of the engine have you been using?
What is your original DCC tool : which format of have you been importing?
Is it the materials created by Datasmith? is it something from the Architecture Material Pack, or something you built yourself?


Hi Flavien, thanks for your answer. So I’m using the latest version (4.26.2). At beginning I exported .udatasmith from 3ds Max 2020 to Unreal Engine.

The materials has built by myself on 3ds Max with V-Ray. Usually I don’t have problem. Since my original poste, I decided to reimport the material and the problem seems less important but still here: