Glitched Materials

Hi everyone! So I’ve imported a house created in 3DS Max. Now when applying materials onto it, the materials are applied fine onto the walls made up out of boxes, but on any extruded, beveled, inset surfaces, the material gets glitched.

In this photo, I’ve applied material to a house made up out of planes. Then I added a shell modifier to it to give the plane some thickeness. Yet again here, the color of the material is applied, but the textures and normals of the material are not. (The house was exported from 3DS Max.)

The material I was using was M_Brick_Clay_Old, included in the StarterContent.
Screenshot (442)

Any help would be greatly appreciated! :slight_smile:

Hello Da_Rebel27X!

from what im seing in this picture it seems to be an UV problem, does your custom geometry has unwreaped UVs?

Here is a link to the unreal documentation for the UVs and how you can see them and fix them

And here is a video that explain UVs in blender

hope this helps!