Glitch when crafting newly created items

I keep having an issue when a building is on auto craft that sometimes (can’t pin point what is causing seems almost random) when I craft something the material used in the craft doesn’t get consumed and so it just infinitely crafts the item

no info maybe a note to devs to check into? cause it’s never on the same item it just starts crafting infinite and won’t destroy the item it used but seems to only do it when I load a bunch in there at 1 time

But if I take the “non removable item” out of the shop and then destroy the shop and put back in it’ll consume it. BUT if I just put it back in it continues it’s infinite creation

figures as usual nothing… I can’t move forward on my mod because of this glitch I have multiple items in a shop that auto craft (sells stuff) and if you throw a bunch of items in it at once … it creates the new item but that item is not consumed by the craft taking place…

example I throw 100 narco in … it should give me 3 gold by creating 3 middle items (used to make all currency 1 type) and those middle items get crafted into the currency but they don’t get consumed so the craft just keeps crafting them over and over and over never stops. I can remove the mid item from the shop destroy it rebuild it and it consumes it correctly. but the minute I do it again in the new shop it becomes glitched and produces infinite again. I need help with this issue and it’s not as simple as spoiling it I’ve tried that and it causes the game client to lock up. creating a item X and subclassing it Y … then turning x,y into z is what I’m doing but X and Y sometimes isn’t used up by the crafting recipe and therefor Z just keep being made over and over while X and/or Y just stays there

please help this is completely destroying my mod

Can you show us your blueprints?

It’s possible that your currency items are being crafted into themselves, depending on how they are parent-child’ed to one another.
To avoid this, tick the “Crafting Require Exact Resource Type” box where you set the required materials, and it will ONLY use that class, regardless of any subclassing.

it’s not and they have to use the sub classes or there is no way to convert them all to the currency. but what it’s doing is not consuming the item when it crafts but if you remove the non consumable it stops then move that into another shop of the same type it works correctly consumes it

I’ll get a screen as soon as I get home, they are just a copy of a normal crafting with the auto craft checked though

sorry for delay power was out when I got home and then other home stuff in the way so here is a blueprint though I don’t think it’ll help since you can pull it out of the shop and drop in another copy of the exact same shop and it works correctly

there is no logical reason for this to be happening, my items just simple stop being consumed and create infinite crafts it’s no different from putting material to make a bullet in the shop and none of the materials get used so it just starts crafting unlimited bullets

If you click the eyeball on the right and choose “Show only Modified Properties” that makes the screenshot shorter :smiley:

Just to be clear though, this is a recipe that makes your intermediate item from pants (base crafting resource requirements is closed so we can’t see) right? Is it not consuming the pants? Or is your problem the recipe that takes the intermediate item and turns it into “currency” not consuming the intermediate item?

I don’t see my reply posted so let me try this again… This was but one of the patterns that weren’t consumed during the next process but it seems a patch to ark has fixed this issue so I’m back in business thanx for the help