Glitch/Sci-Fi - Post-Process

Hi all, I’m working on a few post-process shaders for UE4 and I was wondering if people here would be interested for something like this on the Markeplace. I already had good feedback via Twitter. :slight_smile:

[EDIT] The package is now available :

Summary : 16 post-process shaders/materials to simulate glitch, monitors and some special effects.
The goal is also to provide a bit of documentation to see how to optimize and combine some effects (because not all the shaders will be mixable together). All the materials have a global intensity control that allow to blend in and out the effect. Most of the effects should also be blendable via the post-process volume blend radius (some effects are unfortunately not compatible).

**Content ** :

  • Sharpen (Blend between two sharpen preset)
  • Lens distortion (Inverted barrel)
  • Chromatic radial blur and Radial blur (with performance and size controls)
  • Underwater (Screen distortion + TriPlanar caustic projection from camera)
  • Broken glass (distortion based on normal map + progressive blending)
  • Frozen glass (distortion + progressive blending)
  • Pixelate & Posterize
  • Diffrence & Color offset (Grayscale and Inverted grayscale after mid-values)
  • Pulse force (horizontal force wave that distort the scene/screen)
  • Pulse Wallhack (Pulse that project a grid in TriPlanar + show objects hidden behind walls)
  • TV CRT Monitor simulation (with flickering and scan-line)
  • Screen glitch (image offset, pixelate and stretch)
  • Bump map (bas-relief simulation + glitch)
  • ASCII (Convert screen into lines of text based on a charset, 2 are currently available)
  • Dithering classic (Cluster Dot, Bayer, Halfton and Blue noise)
  • Dithering glitch (Broken dithering that offset colors in grayscale)

Videos :

Screenshots :

[FONT=Arial Black]Note : the anamorphic bloom requires an engine modification for the moment and will not be included in this project.