Glitch getting texture data from a data table

Was wondering if someone could help me figure out what’s going wrong with getting data from a data table inside my widget.
I’m trying to create a criminal database search system and I’m starting with just the First Name and Texture Fields from my data table. When you type in the text field, it gets the string you type in and then searches through the data table for a matching string (case insensitive). Then it’s supposed to grab the texture associated with the row and display it (mugshot of the perp). For some reason though, it always returns the texture from the last row instead of the texture of that row. All the other data lines up without issue. Any idea why this might be happening?

Here’s my Data Table:

And here’s my event graph of the widget:

Click either image to see in full size.

Any help is appreciated.

Anyone have any ideas on why this is happening?