Gliding Physics - How?

I want to implement gliding physics in my FPS game but unable to find any simple explanation behind the physics of that.

When a character looks down he should rapidly fall. When you tilt camera higher the player should reduce fall speed and rapidly move forward following a smooth curve. When you tilt the camera to the left or right then motion should introduce the same curve but in xy plane. I will probably need to add the roll to the camera to make it look way cooler. That’s the idea, but I have not a single clue about the forces that are at play in this scenario.

Quick search provided these, maybe they don’t solve what you require, although the second link looks promising. Failing that though you can put together your own glide logic based on the current rotation of your actor.

I managed to create gliding based on real-world physics. I used lift and drag forces proportional to actor velocity squared that oppose each other in a complicated way. I used different dot products between camera forward, up, character velocity vectors to simulate the surface area of the character in the air. The solution worked as expected, but that kind of solution will not work for a game. You can’t control such gliding and get any expected outcomes. Wingsuits are probably hard to use too for that reason. So right now I am thinking about simplifying that mechanic somehow.

I have looked into both links provided on top. The first solution is too simple for FPS character, I want the ability to glide up and rotate while gliding. The second solution is too vague and probably uses a very old version of unreal because you can’t move and rotate character with such functions right now(or maybe you can while completely breaking everything else).
This video is the best representation of my idea. I wonder if it will work from the first-person perspective while remaining breathtaking.

My current implementation works like that, don’t be fooled by the video, the amount of control I have over it is zero.