Gliding in the UDK.

I would like to know how I can change the double jump into a gliding feature (Like Rayman) through my custom pawn.

Or if not change the double jump. I could just disable it and setup the glide. I just need to know how this can be done.

Check out UTPawn.DoJump() to see how the double jump works and in your custom pawn class overwrite that to start gliding instead. I would make a new PlayerController state to control gliding. Take a look at the PlayerController states such as PlayerWalking, PlayerSwimming, PlayerFlying, etc. to see how those work.

I think the magic that you’re looking for though is going to be controlling Pawn.CustomGravityScaling. When you start gliding, set that to something greater than 0 but less than 1. And when your pawn lands, set that back to 1.0.