Glide up inclines (ramps)

I want my pawn to glide around as if the environment was made of ice and go up and down half-pipe style ramps and stuff.

I’ve got the easy bit done, I’ve changed the CharacterMovement component’s acceleration / breaking deceleration and a few other things so that he can glide around a flat floor.
At the moment as soon as he hits an incline thats steeper than the ‘walkable floor angle’ it’s like he hits a solid wall :frowning:
Even on a slight incline I want him to drift back downwards.

If I jump onto an incline that’s steeper than the ‘walkable floor angle’ then I get the desired effect - his velocity carrys him up a bit then back down.

I’m guessing the state changes from walking to falling or something. If this is so then could I have him in ‘falling’ permanently?


oops - **** search. :expressionless: