Glasses for augmented reality?

Hi friends,
Is unreal compatible with any glasses for augmented reality? Did someone test it?


What glasses are you thinking of?

Any augmented reality device like google glass

Google glass was scrapped and wasn’t really what you’re wanting, it was essentially a little display to the side of your view, it wasn’t a transparent display.

Thank you dartviper. I have a client who told me: “I want to see my engineering products in augmented reality with any glasses except the carton glass”… I work for virtual reality with HTC VIVE glass, but never worked for AR… I have not idea about what device use.

The only augmented reality device at the moment that’s like that is Microsoft Hololens. It’s a self contained headset (so you don’t have to keep it plugged into anything, it has battery/processing inside) and it uses special lenses to display an image over what you normally see. It uses some sensors to create a 3D model of the physical world in front of you and it keeps the headset motion tracked so you can place a 3D model in a location and then walk around it.
However, the big limitation is the amount of power that it has–for doing 3D graphics it can only do simple things, and it also requires using apps that are created for Universal Windows Platform. UE4 does not support UWP normally but Microsoft has a branch of UE4 that supports it: Unreal Engine 4 is available for Win10 UWP app dev now - Engine Source & GitHub - Unreal Engine Forums
However, if you’re not experienced with programming then it might be difficult for you to work with and may not work with Hololens by default. The Unity 3D engine has been the main 3D program for working with Hololens.

All clarified. Thank you.

There’s the Meta2 available now as well…but they also only support Unity at present.

Microsoft hololens is the only AR headset available in market now. You can use that. The other one is Magic leap but it is not available in market.