Glass (Objects Rendering in Front of Glass)

Problem: Objects are rendering in front of glass even though they are actually behind it.

Context: I am rendering an Architectural Elevation with Raytracing fully enabled. In doing so, I am actually not rendering a full orthographic elevation(not sure if that is possible in Ue4), I actually am just placing a camera very far away from the building and dialing up the focal length to around 150. This is a bit of a work around but it works for what I need. However this starts to cause issues with glass. Essentially the further away the camera gets from the building, the more objects start to pop through and render in front of the glass. You can see in the image below how there are columns rendering through the glass even though they should be on the inside of the building. Any input would be helpful. Thanks

There is a setting for the sort priority of translucent objects in Rendering / Translucency Sort Priority. You could try to change that value for the glass. You can use negative values. I’m not sure what is higher and what is lower priority. You have to try and error.

Your poles material isn’t accidently set to blend mode translucent?

You could try to split the glass panes into smaller objects if the priority doesn’t fix it. The engine might get confused if objects are fully enclosed by the glass windows and those windows are one object.

I’ve tried to pan out as far as I could and my objects inside the house are not popping through the glass. I got large full height windows with walls in between them. So not exactly the same.