Glass House

Hello there,
I just finished my project. I used HAL Toolkit for the interface, please let me know what do you think and if you can, give me advices to improve it.
Thank you very much guys.

very nice, how did you set up your glass shader? always curious to see how others do it.

I just followed one of the tutorial on you tube =)

You have big guts to do a glass house in unreal! even with the poor ue reflections the overall result looks great in my opinion.

Thank you very much =) I made it with my notebook lenovo y50…

Extended desktop is a must with notebooks…

Great job! One Question, How did you setup the background?

I can only agree, it’s looking really nice. :slight_smile:

thanks, I used a sphere with a texture…very simple to do

pretty cool! i’m curious - i also have the hal toolkit - how did you create the floor plan?

just wondering - as i had to use CAD and photoshop. is there another way? :slight_smile:

Sigh, willing to share WHICH youtube video? Steve_T asked you for a reason.

This is very nice considering did it on a laptop.

I am using Hal kit too for my current project.

Excuse me for out of a topic abit, do you think I can add some UI Button to control the character movement instead of WASD ? thank you

beautifull work