I have learnt a way by myself to making a video game for 2 years and have started developing for 1 years and 3 months(not including my street food selling job).
I have planed to put this game on steam store but this time I’m not ready yet.
I will have kept uploading footage gameplay and please subscribe for my youtube channel, I still don’t have any much subscribers.

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Content And Detail

This game is focused on co-op gameplay with playing through different campaign maps but however there is mode player vs player gameplay.

The mechanics of game that I have planed is about mixing mmorpg game mechanic together with local team match mechanic.

This is the list of mechanics and progress that I’m working on

-environment looting system (finished)
-cosmetics (on progressing)
-adding more melees and potions
-adding guns and ranged weapons
-adding magics and skills
-adding female character
-adding class
-adding day time cycle
-etc.(more upcoming)

They are no sound because I havn’t put any sound mechanics yet.

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Glais Gawizt is a FPS game.The game focuses on battle between team but also has different game modes.

For now I design for singleplayer by playing with AI but will update it by add multiplayer later.

There are 2 maps with this start. You can create your room and have up 24 players per room.

From the start of this game,will have 2 game modes.

1.Shift - game mode focus for each team captures one area and defends as long as they can do. If any team time out that team will win.

2.Massacre - game mode that is no team. each player will have to kill each other.the game don’t have winning untill any player satisfied for their playing.

1.Melee System - For each weapon type will have a different attributes. Some faster attacking or some faster changing.

You can perform block attacking that will reduce incomming melee damage. The attacking will have different direction and if you block with a match direction of their attacking direction will have additional reducing melee damage.

When you perform melee attacking it will drain your SP(Stamina Point) If your SP is not enough for SP costing’s melee item will only deal half of damage.

2.Ranged Weapon System - Shooting from unaiming causes widely spread of bullets. There is no ammo or clipsize counting UI on screen only showed when performs reloading. The reloading will let you choose for clipsize that different from other FPS games. You can perform sorting ammo at any clipsize if you want them retain at full ammo.

Shooting while aiming will drain FP(Focus Point) to accelerate accuracy. If you are on low FP it will slowly your acceleration.

3.Skill System - Skills will have different attributes. Skills will drain MP(Mana Point) on casting. Casting skill will take time to release.Each time you release skill you will gain “overheat meter” and will degenerate over time.If overheat is full you will die so you need to take a break to avoid for using skill too much. It’s unlike other games that have skills with their own cooldown.

Items will have cognition required for consuming. You need cognition until you can access those items. Cognition will be consumed on equipped.

There are several item types following by:

  • Cosmetics - these items are clothes that character can wear them. they will give some attribute on weared.

Equipments - They are weapons or tools that can bring to battlefield. Total you can have equipments is 8 slot. These equipments have their weight and space requirement. Your character can have weight carrying up to 15 and space up to 5.This may looks limited but it will acquired for future update.

Deftnesses - If you want to improve some attribute on your character you might try add deftness. It will improve your playing style. You can have up to 3 slots.

On a map you can find many crates,boxes,barrels that are glowing. They contained items to help you for playing. Most things you can find will be potions but sometime will be weapons.

On a map there are day time and night time. To make the game becomes interested. For completion one cycle will take 30 minutes in real time.

After placing the game in the store with the price I will try to update the game following by list:

  • Add multiplayer system and matchmaking
  • Add more cosmetics,equipments,deftness,skills,etc
  • Add more maps
  • Add new PVP game mode
  • Add co-op game mode that players will play through campaign maps
  • Add character creating system which you can be male or female
  • Add character class system so you can focus as mage or gunner or else
  • I have a plan to do comic. It’s a specific story of this game. If I updated the basics as mentioned

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I have launched game on steam store as early access.
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