Gladiators of the arena 1 Survival

Gladiators of the arena it’s a game that it’s been in developement for a long time, but not we are developing the surviva version, in this version instead of the other ones you have to survive in the wilderness.

This is a vídeo we’ve made about the game, in multiplayer sicne it’s being coded in multiplayer from scratch.

Hope you enjoy the vídeo cheers.

We have released another vídeo, and updated the game.

Nice wip. Tools, piles of wood, debris and it’s there!

New images about the new arenas, I think ill make a video with the story behind of them.

Amphitheatre arena this one represents that it’s placed at gandarium.

Arentium arena it’s placed in a small village.

Malykanium arena it’s placed almost in the forest.

Ferrata arena, lol made by me.

This arena it’s made with UDK

and then with UE4 what you guys think got better ?

I will say the udk one is a litle bit better.Not because im a fanboy,its because the ue4 bsp or whatever is using,looks too dark.Either way,for something like a coliseum,i loud model it by hand in a 3d app and not use bsp simply because i wont stand those hard edges.Or if you leave it with bsp,than you will have to do a lot of set dressing to hide the look.For example something like carpets/blankets on the stone for the people to seat or wood.Series like Spartacus shoud have good reference on this.

have to say I agree with O_and_N.the udk one does look better.

UDK agreed :slight_smile:

New multiplayer debugging video we testing the Resist game mode wich consists on killing waves of enemies. Me as a client and other guy playing as a listen server

Nice work Neongho. I’m aiming towards multiplayer too.

Yeh multiplayer coding it’s really easy, you just need to know the patterns, if you ever find any problem ask ill be glad to help.

Also do you handle most of the things in the server like me, or you are more of a client handle the maths guy ?

First off, Neongho, I appreciate your offer of help!
Er, but I’m a kinda* candle surrounded by darkness coder* XD What’s serverside and what’s clientside I’m still vague. (I keep re-reading docs) My reloading; nade; molotov 3p and 1p, and bot anims (all custom) wouldn’t work online. (by bot custom I mean staggering about wounded and other anims). I assumed those were serverside because they worked in the game, in-editor. I supposed that result meant that the server dropped that info when online. But I fixed most custom reloading 3p, 1p anims and bot anims for me as a single client online. Whether other clients will see the 3p anims, dunno there’s only been me, 1 client. Regards the player’s 1p anims I’m hoping (hoping argh… hope is not a method XD) hoping the server won’t waste its time with player 1p anims.

Well my work’s proceeding but not sure exactly what you mean Also do you handle most of the things in the server like me, or you are more of a client handle the maths guy ? because I’m not quite there yet XD

Your projects are inspiring to see. And thanks again, man, appreciated :slight_smile:

Dude you need some serious training, Well this is all that can help you out a lot in few sentences.

There are 3 patterns to replicated something, there is one wich is the repnotify pattern, the multicast, and the simple variable replication, in the documentation you can find those and examples

Repnotify Pattern

Multicast pattern

And simple variable replication it’s just replicate a variable to all the clients of a determinated class Like healh for example.

With these you can pretty much do everything. Im still myself, studing the other patterns though , but with the weapons i have i have enough for the battlefield.

these 2 are exactly the same :rolleyes:

that one is not true Multicast (proper multicast doesn’t exist in UDK, you need UE4 for that). this one is simply the server calling a function on all clients by iterating through all PlayerControllers.
true Multicast would allow you execute a single function call on all clients (instead of iterating through all clients’ player controllers to call a function on each of them), that will affect a determined actor (the version of that actor that exists in each client). however calling a function from a client and expect it to be called on all other clients… AFAIK this cannot be done in UDK simply using function calls

Well i call it multicast because i learn’t it in UE4, and after seeing it’s same use i call that one Multicast in UDK. :smiley:

sure, but it’s not the same. see my above explanation, what you’re doing is not multicast. if you want to call “banana” an apple and help other people…

Neongho, Chosker

Bros your little debate is appreciated! Multicast, I learned a new word and its meaning.

Any docs are useful even those about the same thing written by different people, or docs by the same person but differently worded. Each pov description is like moving my 2d view into 3d so I get my head around it. Terminology as Chosker points out is one of those problems we all face - using correct names, agh. Coding is straight logic but with thousands of tiny nuances and we need to learn each of them XD

Thanks to you both!

Some screenie that for some really looked nice to me, it’s archers having a figth pretty much

lol arrow in the ***.

GORE coming along fine, not replicated to clients yet, and very much better than previous versions of it, i only used KAssetsSpawnable and mesh swap.

not bad but there’s some things that IMO are making the effect look fake:

  • the obvious lack of animation / ragdoll in the upper body (probably just because its WIP)
  • the weapon goes through the body as if moving through air, there’s no resistance of any kind from the impact
  • the weapon swing is a bit slow but more importantly it completely lacks momentum and inertia, so it really doesn’t look like the swing would have enough force to cut through a body like it does

keep it up!