Glactical Modded Ark server

Welcome to Glatical!

A player vs player Ragnarok server where you play as the game intended you to, but with mods and rate changes obviously! This server features the mods Ecore and Ark Eternal. No handouts. No spawned items since no one actively playing is an admin. Start on your own and earn your way up! Best of luck to you survivors out there.

General Information ]

✮ 10 Player Slots. ✮ Max Player Level is… 215. ✮ Max Wild Dino Level is… 600.

Rates ]

✮ Experience Gain is 5x ✮ Taming Rate is 5x ✮ All Other Rates is 3x ✮ Breeding Intervals is 20-30 minutes.

Connect With Us ]