Gizmo behavior in runtime

Hi all,
I need some help, and so, it’ the right time to write my first topic!
I’m looking for a while a setup to achieve a “gizmo” behavior in game with the use of blueprints.
Something like that : [UE4] Edit actor transform in runtime - YouTube

Everything I saw on the web talk about C++ coding. But we can tranform actor ingame with the use of SetActorTranform nodes and forward/right vectors for direction. I already reached this but with umg buttons, and I would like to do this with 3d meshes components (the 3 arrows corresponding to axis). Main issue with is the mouse cursor doesn’t lock on the clicked component : “OnClicked” and “OnReleased” input give strange behaviors ingame…

I did’nt find any tutorials on how achieve this 3d gizmo ingame with bp.
We can’t definively achieve this in blueprint?

Thank you for your help!