Giving up until I learn more.

Well, withing having wasted all day yesterday and all day today. I believe I’m gonna give up making my project until I learned a bit more where simple stuff won’t make me waste 2 days and having nothing to show for it.

Some of my simple problems I can’t get to work are as follows:

Make Play Game button work on the main menu. (Every other button works except Play Game) Followed the tutorial to a T
My sounds work one minute then stop working the next 20 tries then randomly start working again.
Add music to main menu.

Hopefully soon I will have my 2d side-scroller up and going. Simple game of jumping over objects or the game restarts if you hit one of the objects. Simple as anything yet makes me wanna punch my monitors.

I think this happens to everyone who starts. Its just so complex that you have - no matter what - a steep learning curve. It gets better eventually, but it requires a couple of weeks.

Don’t give up Neo

It doesn’t really work this way. You need to learn as you go.

In case of programming you learn in the most efficient fashion when you have a problem you WANT to solve, and you have fun solving the problem. Right now, you’re missing “having fun” component.

If you’re new to game programming and unreal engine, expecting to be able to show something in 2 days is a bit unrealistic.

Relax a bit and try to enjoy the process. Getting frustrated is not really helpful.

In your case, it is a hobby project, not a job-related task with deadlines breathing down your neck, right? If that’s correct, you literally have nothing to worry about.

Yea I am lacking the “having fun” component. Guess since I’m using 4.10 these tuts I’m following doesn’t work the same way anymore so my results are diff than what they got.

That is correct, it’s for fun at the moment. I eventually want to get to the point where I am putting my stuff up for sale, but yes at the moment its for fun. I have given up gaming completely and turned my comp into my UE / Maya machine.

+1 NegInfinity. Starting out from nothing is hard, but its even worse when you already know other game engines and still have to start at square one in UE4. That’s why its helps to focus on the passion for the game you’re making and not get too caught up in the ups and downs. You’ll have a hundred of these maybe, but then something will stick and you’ll have enough traction to really advance and move forward. But you have to get over this tricky time. Its easy to think when you’re using a game kit, that it should work exactly how you want it to out-of-the-box, kind of like playing with Lego. But game kits are more Lego meets electronic / mechanical engineering…

Standard learning procedure, repeat…
There are many content examples for that sort of game you plan to do.
from my point of view HUD stuff is more complicated then other stuff.
Set up some triggers, train bp communication, then repeat.
When you get stuck because of problems and aggro starts to grow, take your bicycle and ride your frustration out of you.
So many times i was frustrated, but then i did modeling stuff, basic material stuff (love panning, masking).
I shut down UE4, was frustrated, did something else and then pop “hey you can try this”, starting UE again, problem not solved, shut down again, infinite loop.
Two days is nothing for a beginner!

Giving up is the first step to learn. Without giving up i wouldnt be that far that im now XD

I also learned that I’ve learned until now by repeating. I was like you in unity first where I did not know what “this and this” button does, but hopefully, watching tutorials and practising on your own will make up for it :wink:

Appreciate all the positive comments. Went to bed last night and laid there thinking about what I was doing wrong and why nothing I tried worked. Woke up this morning and figured it out lol.

I created a MainMenu widget on my level and yea I was trying to open the same level from my main menu. Guess I have to create my main menu inside it’s own level then have it lo

Once I spent about 2 weeks (8 hours each day) searching high and low because my code wouldn’t work. On about the 13th day of my struggles, someone told me that I had consecutive semicolons in my code. I went ahead and removed the 2nd semicolon, and everything worked as intended. I basically spent 100+ hours because of a semicolon, and the whole project I was working on was meant to be completed in 2-3 days.

I know what ya mean on that, I went to school for IT with a concentration in programming for C++. The part that sucked my “having fun” component from me was when I followed the tutorials on here exactly step for step and my stuff didn’t work. Guess that’s where the different versions of UE comes into play tho, as I’m building everything on 4.10 and I guess all these tuts I’m watching are for 4.6 and below.

But on the other hand, I guess it is good that my Main Menu didn’t work (even tho I’ve done abandoned that project and deleted everything I had) that way if I keep searching for what doesn’t make it work and eventually figure it out, it will help with future problems I encounter.

Alright new update.

Spent all day long here in my chair learning and working.

So far today I created:

Main Menu with music
Working 2d side scroller level (loads level when you press the new game button on main menu)
Working Pause Menu
Working stamina bar for sprinting with custom texture
Working health bar with custom texture

Now I am working on a “You’re Dead” screen and brainstorming out what my actual game will be about.

See? You’d not have any of this if you’d given up. Good progress man. Just gotta keep at it- I can say for sure that you’ll always be learning even if you get to a point where you’re getting paid for your UE skills.

take a break for a while if you encounter this frustration again.:slight_smile: take a walk get some fresh air watch some silly cat videos on youtube anything that can take your mind off of things that are bothering you.

Patience is one of the most important trait of a programmer.

I’ve bought content from the marketplace and downloaded the Kite demo assets. That lets me analyse the best content as I learn. There are loads of good youtube tutorials to help, but it’s self teaching and it has some nasty holes :slight_smile: So you come here to find help. And hopefully I can come here to help someone when I know something :slight_smile: But what I know having started here then learnt some blender and now back for 3 weeks is, That if EU4 can enable you to make your project stick with it. and also try other alternatives too like Houdini apprentice. There’s useful tools in quite a few different types of software.

Any tips on how to solve the Start Game button proble,I have created a Main menu,a widget,it shows u p on the level,but when i press it to load the mapo that i want,it just satys there,if i clickon the map it will move but with the main menu plastered all over my screen…what should i do?