Giving away free game keys: Call of Juarez®: Gunslinger, Grow Home, and Rayman's Origins


I have one key of each game to give away. First two require Steam to be installed, last requires UPlay.

Only catches are one key per person, and you must have over 20 posts between forums and answerhub. Message me with the games you want with most preferred on top.

Once all keys are taken I’ll make another post and update this one in red.

[NO LONGER AVAILABLE] Call of Juarez: Steam required.

[NO LONGER AVAILABLE] Grow Home: Steam required.

[NO LONGER AVAILABLE] Rayman’s Origins: UPlay required.

I would like Grow Home please :smiley:

Rayman’s sounds cool

All keys claimed.

Rayman Origins is probably one of the best platformers in a very long time.