Giving Access through GitHub Fork

We have a fork of the Unreal Engine Repo in our GitHub Organization.
If we were to give people access to this fork, they can see it without being in Epic’s GitHub Organization. Is this how it’s supposed to work? I mean the EULA says

“Any public Distribution […] must
take place […] through a fork of
Epic’s GitHub UnrealEngine Network
(e.g., for distributing source code).”

But this doesn’t ensure that the’ve accepted the EULA, does it?

Thanks for raising this. That behavior is not consistent with how we understood GitHub’s organizations to work. Can you please walk through the steps you took to transfer the fork to your org?

If I remember it correctly you could fork a private repository into an organization on a free plan before GitHub changed it’s pricing recently. Now you have to have a paid plan to do a private fork and I think here lies the issue. Because this is a paid feature, GitHub sort of forces you to add people to your organization because of the per seat pricing.

While a fork of the UnrealEngine repository into a single-user account is visible to all members of the EpicGames/developers group, a fork of an organization is not. You have to add the users as a member of the organization or as an outside collaborator, but this is works independently of the EpicGames/developer team access.

I guess we’ll use a private account’s fork then for sharing and our organizations fork for development. Which is not the best way, but I guess it’ll work for the time being.